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Create your own augmented reality game like Pokemon go from scratch and join the virtual reality gaming revolution.


You must have heard about Pokemon Go AR app a million times! This fascinating Pokemon AR game is known to have been able to pick even more users than Twitter and raise the market capitalization of Nintendo to 69 billion USD in 2020, and still counting for a better record. AR games are widely popular, but Pokemon Go is a lot fascinating as it combines the aspects of location based AR games.

Pokemon Go game

With 27 million+ global users across the US alone, Pokemon Go augmented reality game is rapidly thriving and increasing the popularity of best AR games online. Moreover, Globe News Wire also forecasted for AR and VR market to globally reach 161.1 billion USD by the end of 2025.

Pokemon Go is among the most popular AR based games, developed specifically for the smartphone users. The game quickly managed to be one of the top grossing games just after its release. AR game developers are utilizing the success of this trend and creative new augmented reality games for the global users. This Pokemon Go augmented reality case study

The Challenge

Pokemon Go is among the trendy AR game ideas available for Android and iOS and working on location-based mechanics. The game relies on a plotline where the user being the main character searches and captures the game’s characters. The users collect the characters, train them, and then fight with other players using those characters. The game provides the best AR experience without having to access any heavy equipment gears.

Using Pokemon Go for playing, the users get to roam around and catch the characters. Currently, the app has a user base of 1.6 million+ global users. The game is mainly popular as it helped people get a social life and interact with one another while playing and catching the characters. And all that is ensured with the fascinating AR experience.

AR trend is rapidly thriving, thus continuously attracting more users. Pokemon Go, an AR local-based based massively multiplayer role playing online game, is thus one of the best developments of Niantic Labs and Nintendo.

Features making Pokemon AR game popular:

If you also wish for developing AR games for android and iOS and wish to get a Pokemon go-like game development solution, then here are some key features that you must include to make it popular like Pokemon AR game.

Possibility for creation of newer accounts

Personalized profiles for players, where avatars can be customized

Some highly interactive maps

A user friendly UI and UX to let the players participate in multiple games

Feature to participate in battles: Letting the players to participate in multiplayer mode for winning new digital rewards

Trade of digital rewards and collectibles

Capability for making new friends for the users by providing gifts, collectibles, and trade them.

Access to adding new versions for digital rewards and collectibles, allowing the game to stay fresh and interesting for the players.

Ability for the creation and celebration of newer events and create multiple clubs

Several customization functions for maintain the new features’ additions.

Monetization mechanic: In-game purchases

Here is how pokemon go makes money and how other augmented reality game like Pokemon go can also do so!

Several monetization mechanics are available for the companies offering games and apps. Pokemon Go utilizes in-app purchase method for monetization. In the game the players may buy various objects, like egg incubators, poke balls, etc. These objects attract the beginners for making in-app purchases and inspires the experienced players to get the bulk purchases done.

However, there are various other mechanics that you may utilize for the monetization of augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and other AR location-based massively multiplayer online role playing game titles, like premium models, advertisement monetization mechanics, and many more.

AR game Development Unity: Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go

Various mobile game creation and development engines are available for 2D as well as 3D game solutions. Pokemon Go is a popular multiplayer gaming model based on AR technology trend, developed using Unity 3D game development engine. Unity3D provides better 3D game creations and enables any AR game development company and developers to develop AR location-based massively multiplayer online role playing game titles like Pokemon Go.

AR game development cost for Pokemon Go like game

As for the development cost, that depends entirely on the development process and the game’s concept. Choice of platform, datalization of graphics, and all the other factors add up while considering the development cost of any gaming solution. AR game development cost for Pokemon Go-like gaming solution costs around 450K USD to 600K USD. However, this cost is still an approximate one, and will hugely be based on the features and functionalities that you wish to add or remove.


Pokemon Go is populary due to the geo-location based AR mechanic that it offers. To get the similar gaming solution with fascinating AR experience, consider the best AR game development Company like Game App Studio and get the solution delivered instantly.

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