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Board games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Chess bring back childhood memories for everyone. With digitalization, even board games can be played online. They are flexible, easy-to-play games which makes them even more popular. Ludo King, having 400 million + downloads, has become one of the most popular game apps of recent times. How to make a successful board game app?  With Game App Studio, you’ll have one in no time! Being a trusted board game app development company, we use the best tools and technologies to assure our clients great end results in the shortest span of time.


  • STRATEGY GAMES – Classics such as Chess are totally dependent on the skill of the player. Such games are called strategy based board games.
  • LUCK BASED GAMES- Other classics like Candy Land, Snakes and Ladders require no decision making and purely rely on luck. These are called luck based games. However, some games require both luck and strategy such as Backgammon and Ludo.
  • DIPLOMACY GAMES- Games which include negotiations or deals amongst players are called diplomacy board games. Scope of betrayal along with ongoing negotiations is called advanced diplomacy. Few examples of diplomacy are The Settlers of Catan, Risk and Axis & Allies.
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  • GREATER ACCESSIBILITY: This is a unique feature of board game apps. While playing against the computer, the user doesn’t need to have internet facilities. This makes the game app even more accessible. In multiplayer mode, users can play with absolutely anyone in the world without having to wait for an available acquaintance.
  • CHOICE OF GAME MODE: The players have a choice to play single or multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, users can play with their friends or family using their own respective devices. Thus, the board game app can be used for connecting to people.
  • LARGER AUDIENCE – In general, board games have extremely simple rules with a set final goal to achieve. This feature does not limit the app usage to dedicated gamers. Each and every person can excel which increases the customer base.
  • NOSTALGIA: The idea of a board game is already registered in the user’s mind and need not be sold to the gamer again. Instead, these games have an edge because of a sense of nostalgia which dates the game back to yesteryears. A comeback of these games as mobile apps gives the app owner a great opportunity to benefit from their sudden popularity.
  • LOCALISATION – A single foundation of your board game app can have a global reach by this feature. Customising the gaming language as per the region of use can further help the app acquire a wider reach and audience.
  • HIGHER REVENUE- As board game apps are the most widely used game apps due to their larger accessibility and recent surge in popularity, the industry definitely promises larger returns than ever. Board game industry makes up more than 15% of the total mobile gaming industry.
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  • VERSATILE GAMING TECHNOLOGY- We use Unity 3D and HTML5 for board game app development which has a great framework and engine. It has built-in multiplayer networking and supports Websocket.
  • BEST BOARD GAME LAYOUTS- Our board game app designers are highly experienced with a specialisation in user interface design. We are known for giving a realistic touch to the online board game which increases customer engagement.
  • CUSTOMISED BOARD GAME PIECES- Want to have a DIY board game? Game App Studio can do that for you. With our talented team, we can add subtle variations to the board game pieces as per the client’s requirement. This makes the game even more interesting and successful.
  • IN GAME STRATEGY TIPS- Stuck in the game? We offer timely hints and strategies within the game to make the life of the players all the more easier. This further strengthens customer retention for our clients.
  • REWARD INCENTIVES: The games we develop have frequent rewards in the game in terms of virtual tokens, points, marks along with a dynamic scoreboard. This gives users an added incentive to continue the game.
  • PRODUCTIVE MONETIZATION STRATEGIES- Having our clients’ interests as our top priority, our team at the studio is highly trained to strategize the best monetization route for our clients which includes rewarded videos, banner ads etc.


  • EXPERIENCED TEAM- We have developed numerous mobile game apps with over a million downloads for over half a decade. Our experience in the industry gives us an added advantage in terms of understanding the client’s needs.
  • SCHEDULED DELIVERY- Game App Studio is the most punctual in delivering the perfect outcome within the promised time.
  • HASSLE FREE COMMUNICATION- We provide a smooth network of communication to our clients and are flexible to accomodate our client’s requirements at all stages of app development.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY- We are a young team with no hesitation in adapting to the fresh and modern technologies available in the market. Our studio has a perfect combination of the best tools and technologies with an ability to create the best board game application.
  • DECENT PRICES- As the best board game app development company, we provide the most successful board game along with extremely reasonable cost of production.

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