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CoD: Modern WarFare Series


Call of Duty: Modern WarFare is the sixteenth launch under the fascinating Call of Duty series. Released on 25th October 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows, it is a best-selling video game of USA.

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The game mainly takes place in a modern and realistic setting where the campaign follows the British officer forces and the CIA officer as they combat and come together against the forces of Russia who invaded the nation. The entire Call of Duty series is developed using IW engine, which is a gaming engine developed exclusively by Infinity Ward. It is a first person shooter game and is published by Activision.

Moreover, another more interesting thing that increases the popularity and engagement for Call of Duty series, including Call of Duty: Modern WarFare is that the game has a realistic multiplayer gaming mode. This capability including the detailed gaming environments and the ray tracing functionalities add up to make it a top hit of all times.

CoD: Modern WarFare Series

Modern WarFare managed to earn around 600 million USD within first year after its launch, and since then the game developer and publisher have been releasing multiple titles of the series to add up to the market growth. All the titles of the series offer tactical game play with a focus on several advanced and trendy features, graphics and other functionalities. Here are the titles released so far under Call of Duty: Modern WarFare series:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2008

Call of Duty: Modern WarFare 2 in 2009

Call of Duty: Modern WarFare Remastered in 2017

Call of Duty: Modern WarFare in 2019 


 In April 2021, Call of Duty, the famous first person shooter game generated around 400 million unit sales, rising up from 300 million in May 2019.

Within 24 hours of its launch, Call of Duty: Modern WarFare managed to amass around 6 million active players from across the globe. Moreover, these sales were for the US and UK in combine.

Globally, the gaming series managed to sell over 14 million copies, letting the game become the second best-seller in the history of UK.

Call of Duty: Modern WarFare 2 also managed to sell million copies and cross 1 billion USD mark in sales globally.

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Players of Call of Duty Series

Specifically, Call of Duty: Modern WarFare’s players include 65% of men and 35% of women. Furthermore, 31% players of CoD are between 25 years to 34 years of age. 25% players are younger than 25 years, 23% are between 35 years to 44 years of age and 21% are older than 44 years.

Call of Duty Monetization Strategy

The right usage of numerous monetization mechanics is something that defines how successful in monetary terms will a game or app be. Here are the monetization mechanics used by Call of Duty game titles:

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In-app Purchases

This mechanic helps the application to make money when the users, in this case the gamers make the in-app purchases to buy some in-app elements and services. This provides an enhanced experience and game play for the global gamers in returns.

call of Duty utilizes for monetization

In-app advertisements

This is another way the call of Duty utilizes for monetization. Using this mechanic, the game is used for displaying advertisements related to different brands to do their marketing and increase the sales, and the brands then pay a handsome amount in return for this service. Moreover, the game also receives some extra incentives for every successful click to the ad and whenever a user visits the brand’s website from the ad on the game.


Another fascinating way utilized by call of Duty series for monetization is subscriptions method. The gamers can get subscription to access various titles of the game on various devices and help the game with its monetization while having an early access to every launch of the game and that too on various gaming devices.

Things to learn from Call of Duty like game

learn from Call of Duty like game

During the game development phase, it is essential to edit the creative in a manner that draws more attention.

Definition of the most effective features of game is relevant and essential to attract and appeal more number of global gamers.

The main focus must be during the definition of the game play footage and avoiding cinematic scenes, as this ensures that the gamers can install the game instantly after viewing that and due to the fascinating elements that attracts them.


Activision is widely popular and gaining a rapid success mainly due to its popular Call of Duty: Modern WarFare series titles. It managed to sell around 5 million copies within 24 hours after the gaming title’s launch and reported a total of 4.7 million sales. 

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