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Raja Wazir Chor Sipahi is an old role-playing game that requires four players. Now this game was insanely popular back in the day but in the 21st century, its popularity has decreased. The biggest challenge for developing this game was that we had to recreate this old nostalgic game while being able to provide a realistic feel to the players. It was a difficult task but we managed to make it possible.

It involves four players and they each take up the role of Raja Wazir Chor and Sipahi respectively assigned to them by shuffled chits with points for each character written on them. The gameplay is simple, The wazir has to identify the chor and the sipahi. if he is not able to guess correctly his points will be transferred to the chor otherwise he is safe. This process goes on for a number of rounds and the player with the highest collective points of all the round wins

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  • No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
  • Multiple users can play on their own phones or all on the same phone.
  • You can invite and play with School or College Friends.
  • Private chat with your Facebook friends & Buddies.
  • Emoji stickers can be used to tease other players during the game.
  • Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a royal game.
  • Classic Scoreboard to Display Scores of Each Round.
  • Its Also Called As Raja Mantri Chor police in India.
  • Its Also Called As Chor police game in India.


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