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Develop an app like Houzz : Planning to make interior app Review the Case study of Top Interior app Houzz

how to make An interior app
Develop An interior app
Case study of Top Interior app Houzz


Houzz App transformed the entire way of designing homes. Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko are the masterminds behind the app, and they came to the solution for the problems faced while hiring interior designer professionals for the said work. It is an amazing directory for finding some best inspirations, getting amazing designing tips, and discovering numerous products.

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It is very surprising how around 16 million people make use of Houzz per month and out of that 90% of them are the homeowners. These are the people in search of professionals and products for amplifying their entire house look. This is a fully-fledged application with something for everyone visiting it. And the most amazing thing is that the app can be used for creating idea book and storing favourites and then later visiting them as and when required.

The app also lets the professionals create profiles and contact with the audience. The Houzz app has numerous ideas contributed by the professional designers and architects. The ideas are stored as guides and that guide has solutions to all the problems of the users.

Working of Interior Designing Apps like Houzz

Interior designing apps like Houzz channels the home item makers and change experts as the primary dealing groups. It promotes online marketing and broadcasting via TV. The users make use of the mobile application by connecting with the app’s dealing workers and it also incorporates an area for support having various frequently asked questions and their answers. It also has gathering groups to allow the users seek guidance from individuals and peers.

Essential Features Making Houzz App Popular

Allow the allocation of ideas

You should let your family and friends to share their thoughts on the platform as you start constructing your application. Save these innovative ideas for decoration and make a shop book. This shopping book is not simply about sharing new decorative ideas, but may help solve problems. In addition, let users contribute ideas on the application on home refurbishment.

Finding professionals

The application should communicate with professionals in the vicinity of the target audience. The project designers and contractors. The audience is able to view and give ratings for the work of professionals and leading designers. Based on your budget, your audience can choose their professionals freely.

Audience shop stimulating

To work across several platforms and create an app like Houzz, you need to make the applications interoperable. The reason, you never know which platform will browse the fascinating product list for your target audience. The public can shop or add their favourite things in a cart by using the shop feature.


: You like a product several times, but drop the notion of purchasing because of excessive prices. Your app needs to solve such a problem, though. To encourage visitors to make a purchase, include enticing discounts on chosen products, accessories and other decor items.

View Gallery

Without the real photographs of the designs and décor, the application is incomplete. Let your produced application become a one-stop store in which the public can easily examine the product gallery. You can select and choose your favourites afterwards. The rationale is that pictures create confidence among the audience and force them to acquire things.


An Ideabook is an important element that makes Houzz so popular. This functionality is comparable to that of Houzz in your application. Professionals will be permitted to submit and keep their stories and solutions on the site. This feature is analogous to your home notebook, where your ideas are stored and referred to later.

Revenue Model for Houzz like app

Exchange fees

The Houzz organisation charges a commission for product merchants to list their offerings to mortgage holders and specialists in their app Houzz Marketplace.

Compliance Revenue

Experts can be registered in the database on home changing. The organisation offers a pre-program to offer additional benefits for an annual membership fee. You can receive membership fees by approaching the business staff of Houzz.

Revenue Promotion

Outsiders are charged to the organisation. National merchants and product producers, for example, pay a charge for their website and mobile applications to publicise their offers.


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