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Social media platforms are globally popular. In fact, these applications and platforms have become an essential part of our daily lives. Most of the global folks make use of at least one social media app every day to have some entertainment and recreational factor in their life. We come across various news, controversies, memes, and other content on social media platforms, and this is what makes them popular and preferable. But Clubhouse is a unique social media platform that differs from the other ones in multiple ways. It is helpful to pique many social media freaks from across the globe.

Clubhouse app is a fascinating social media platform that follows a newer concept of audio-based social media features. The main idea behind this fascinating and unique app is to ensure a social media experience that only relies on voice based features. The users of the app have the facility to listen to various discussions and participate in the conversations from various verticals and genres after being invited into them. This is a Silicon Valley startup created during the Covid-19 pandemic in May 2020.

Statistics –

clubhouse app market statistics

As unveiled by the latest reports from, Clubhouse witnesses 2 million loyal weekly users. The app currently values 1 billion USD and has earned more than 10 million USD till date. With the success trend, Clubhouse has become a latest unicorn start up that ranks 7 in the App store. The app also has a portfolio of more than 180 venture capitalists and prominent organizations as the investors.

Why Clubhouse like app?

Clubhouse is an audio only application and this might sound a bit regressive initially as nowadays people have the ability to shoot higher quality videos and social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, etc are receiving higher user base on monthly basis. However, in reality, the audio-based social media platforms ensure that the users will get a fantastic digital experience just like hanging out with the friends in real life.

Clubhouse like applications are fantastic because:

  • 1.      When using such social media platforms, the users need not to worry about their looks and appearances.
  • 2.      Unlike the podcasts, audio-based social media platforms like Clubhouse do not need any software to edit the audio like the podcasts.


Using the clubhouse like apps –

Users from all across the globe can join Clubhouse like apps for various conversations on a wider range of topics. But this is only possible for the users if they are invited into any conversation by any other existing user of the app. Suppose some people are attending a party, and if someone stands out wandering and listening to the conversations of the users and adding some comments in every discussion. But, in the Clubhouse like apps, the users are not allowed to add any comment unless they are invited in the conversation. If someone wants to enter any discussion or conversation, they he or she must use the feature of raising the hand. Thus, clubhouse apps are just like some unified form of eavesdropping.

The users are allowed to listen to any topic of their choice. However, they must keep in mind that any of the conversation or discussion can never be recorded. Furthermore, the users must focus on the entire topic detail to avoid missing out on any topic. Further, if you do not find any of the conversation to be appealing, then they can also create their own room. The feed for the users depend on whom to follow, and of the user wants a diverse feed then he or she must search for the keywords and then follow the matching profiles.

Benefits of Clubhouse like app for businesses



Clubhouse app can be appreciated mainly for the capability to help the people in building an engaging community and grow an influencing sphere. With the creation of rooms for topics that people feel interested in. Finally, the users can then discover the experience level in the desired sector. Other users can check the content s and follow the profiles. After this, whenever the former user goes live, all the followers and audience are notified about it. Users also have the rights to build the community of potential people for growing their business. ​



People can use clubhouse like app as a promotional platform as there is the availability of a diverse audience. As people have the access of creating various chat rooms regarding their interests, they get the best chance to promote their brand too. The users can promote the launch of their product too and create any room for the discussions with the audience about the features of the product. This will make the audience more curious about it and do the branding for the product automatically.​



Clubhouse is an audio based social media app in which the users listen to various discussions and become a part of the desired ones. So in the app the users can follow each other and get newer updates about the competitors and stalk various categories related to the field or interest. The users also have a dedicated timeline for the same by which they can receive updates on trends, industrial news, and others.​



The clubhouse founders also ask for the feedback of the app or any newer feature that adds in it. The users of the app can also follow the similar mechanics by creating a room and then asking for the feedback on any latest business idea that they have. The users can thus also get the fruitful feedbacks from the entrepreneurs who might also add some more features to the thought idea.​

Clubhouse like app development ​

Clubhouse like social media platforms are globally welcomed with open arms across the social media users. These apps have a range of features to satisfy the users and fascinate them in multiple ways. Game App Studio provide the Mobile app development service for clubhouse like app with all the features and services based on the users’ choice.

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