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Snapchat is one of the most prominent and leading video and photo applications with over 238 million active daily users from across the globe, as stated by Statista in its latest studies. Success and growth of this application is widely inspiring the global competitors, and with this more social apps similar to it are emerging in the global market.
Even though more top trending social media apps are emerging, none of them are still capable of beating Snapchat and taking over its market and user base. Across the US and the France, Snapchat is among the leading AR trends social apps.

ar social app case study

Here are a few key statistics exhibiting the growth of this Snapchat among all the AR in Social apps:
Daily video views of Snapchat have increased by 400% yearly.
Among all the Smartphone users across the US, 60% of users aged 13 to 34 years highly use Snapchat.
In 2015 Snapchat made 100 million USD in revenue, and it raised to 389.82 million USD by 2018, and is also still in growth.

Features Making Snapchat Unique

We heard to the consumer carefully and met their unplanned app idea and started analyzing the architecture of the desired meat ordering app for their business model and target audience. Our team was ready to take on the project and suggested solutions mentioned below based on the market situation:

  • We documented and recommended the best features that can be united within the app for clients’ business needs.
  • Our crew designed architecture and user experience to make the menu section and add order to cart instantly and conveniently.
  • Our experts used Laravel as their app’s backend for offering modern features to make it soft and cost-effective.
  • We followed the module based agile methodology to deliver the app within a defined time frame.
leading AR trends social apps

Chatting: With Snapchat, chatting is a whole lot more fun as you get to send messages and media which will disappear in some time. This self-destructive feature assures enhanced safety and privacy for the users. Moreover, the sender also receives notification if anyone takes a screenshot. While chatting, you may also get to share your bitmoji based stickers to your connections.

Snaps capturing and sharing: Snapchat offers the feature of AR based picture capturing and sharing and these automatically gets destructed ones a snap is open.

Lenses: These are the goofy animations using AR technology which the users may use for overlaying on top of their images. 

Geo-filters: These filters are exactly like the other filters using AR trend, except that with geo filters overlaying is only possible at certain locations.

Adding friends: There is also an availability of some personal QR codes with which the users can connect with one another. These codes have to be scanned and are called as snapcodes.

Video and Audio calling: Snapchat users also get to video and audio call their friends using the application. One fascinating feature is that a user can be on call and simultaneously click and send a snap. Also, making audio and video clips and sharing or storing them is also possible with Snapchat.

Story: This is a snap that gets broadcasted to all the followers so that they may view it multiple times within 24 hours after a friend posts it.

Discover: People can also access the stories from the editorial teams and check out the bigger and recent news from top companies around.

Mechanics used by Snapchat for Monetization

In-app advertisement: Snapchat shows promotional videos of 10 seconds each to its users and the users can also check out more by swiping left or right. The company gets paid for displaying these 10 seconds advertisements.

Geo-filters: Based on the user’s geolocation, they can use various AR trend face filters. Different businesses can get their geofiilters featured at 5 USD for covering 20,000 square feet.

Lenses: Just like geo-filters, Snapchat also features various AR lenses of different businesses for brand promotions. The company in turns gets a good payment for the same.

Discover Section: This is the section where Snapchat places the promotional content of different brands and businesses. In return, Snapchat also charges 0.15 USD per live story for each view.

Sports Partnerships: Snapchat partners with the sports organizations for the promotion of various events and it charges 400K USD to 500k USD for providing complete exposure to the user base of the company or organization.

In-app purchase: For various extended in-app functionalities, the app users can also make the in-app purchases and get access to those features in Snapchat.

Premium: There is also a possibility for the app users to buy premium version of Snapchat for getting access to new AR lenses and features.

AR social media app

If you are also looking for getting a Snapchat like AR social media app, then you may also choose from the above-mentioned monetization mechanics, or get any of your other preferable ones, whichever suits your needs the most!


Based on what all features and monetization mechanics you choose and which AR social app development company are you selecting, the cost of development of AR social media apps vary.
While selecting all the similar AR trend features and functionalities, you can get a pocket-friendly and feature rich AR social app from Game App Studio, a trusted and recommended AR app development company. Contact us now if you have any development idea and wish to get the same accomplished soon.

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