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The driving force for any game development is technological advancements and players comfort. Modernisation and digitalisation has lead to formation of new genres and fantasy cricket apps are one of them. Fantasy cricket apps have been successful in capturing the market by attracting a huge fan base. Such type of games helps in enhancing the user engagement and attraction which also helps in generating revenue.

Why Invest in sport Apps?

Fantasy sports apps have reached new heights and there are endless sports apps that are coming up everyday. Reports revealed that more that 19 crore Indian cricket fans use fantasy cricket apps. Furthermore, the rate at which the fantasy sports apps are expanding is almost 30 to 50 percent. We can see that the demand of the fantasy apps is very high and is considered to be a potential source of entertainment and people find a lot of scope in these games and it is expected that by the end of this year, the market value of this industry would be more that 20 million USD.

How to develop an app like Dream 11

We at game app studio can help you create an app that aptly suits your requirement. Our team of experts will help you create a unique application for your fantasy app.

We should always keep in mind when we are working on mobile application development.

Play with data

There is a lot of handling of data when it comes to working on our fantasy cricket app. We need to ensure that the app is updated regularly and if the data analysis would be easier then it will help in increasing the popularity.

5 second rule of popularity

It is always said that if a user uses an app for more than 5 seconds then, an app has a user. It should always be noted that an app must be engaging enough to attract the visitor for more than 5 seconds.

Update the newsroom

When we work on such big apps development, we must ensure that there is enough space to cater latest updates. This helps in increasing user engagement with the app and take better decisions.

When we work on such big apps development, we must ensure that there is enough space to cater latest updates. This helps in increasing user engagement with the app and take better decisions.

Features to consider while developing fantasy sports app


By playing Fantasy games, users earn reward points and all of these points are also accumulated in their account. Leaderboard provides information on fantasy players.


Many sports app includes quizes and sports questions to make the game interesting.

Player Statistics

This is a key element which every fantasy app should display since it will provide all the important information about the player.


This is a place where the administrator can find statistical figures from a range of data.

Achievement badge

It is a very important component as it increase users retention to fantasy sports application.

How Fantasy Apps Make Money

Fantasy sports allows the users to create teams made up of
real players from professionals sports. These apps make money through fees,
advertising or by making partnership with other companies in the sports

Betting Apps

It is a lot of fun when it comes betting online. However, it becomes quite difficult to select the best online betting apps. So, we at
Game App Studio can help you make such a decision. Over here, we will describe you what different operators offer for their matches, games etc.

Before moving further, we should analyse the best online sports betting apps:-

  1. Sports Selection

This includes the number, range and popularity of sports. We especially give more importance to cricket( IPL) when it comes to betting.

  1. Bonuses

Almost every operator offers a welcome bonus in terms of spins or various other attractive methods.

  1. Deposit and withdrawal options

Different websites offer different ways of deposit and withdrawal. We need to look for websites that offer deposit and withdrawal methods according to our convenience. It is also very important to evaluate how quickly transactions are processed.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service includes FAQ’s, free tutorials and 24/7 live customer support. We need to note that all these needs are fulfilled by the website.


At Game App Studio, we focus at creating the most robust, fully engaging sports application that will help in boosting brand recognition and scale up entertainment needs. So if you are looking to develop a fantasy sports app, then feel free to contact us.

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