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Want to develop OTT Live Streaming App Like Hotstar: Review the Case Study of Top live streaming app like Hotstar & SonyLIV

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Live Streaming App Like SonyLIV


Television has lost its luster as a source of entertainment. Cable TV is nearly extinct since people’s entertainment choices have switched to live video streaming, and video streaming applications are the way of the future. The reason for this transition is that cable TV airs a lot of ads in between shows, and with limited time and a hectic schedule, viewers no longer want to watch old movies or commercials they’ve seen before. The content provided by video streaming live apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, and others is viral and in high demand. One can view his favorite shows on the go, anywhere, simply utilizing his mobile phone.

The market for video streaming apps is increasing at a rate of 40% each year. By 2024, companies like Netflix, Hulu, and others will generate around the US $ 70 billion in income from video on demand.

Live Video Streaming apps features

Multilingual content

To reach a large number of viewers from various demographics and to expand your business beyond the geographical boundaries of the location where your app is based, your content should be multilingual, in addition to the primary language of English or any other language used in the app's area.

Search & Scalability

There should be a search or explore the option in a video streaming app. The feature is so well-designed that viewers of all ages feel free to browse whatever stuff they like. In the search drop-down menu, there should be no restriction to the number of selections. This makes it easier for viewers to watch what they want. Furthermore, if something new needs to be added, it can be done with ease. The app should be able to scale up to higher levels.

Price Detail

When a viewer uses a video streaming on-demand app, he should have all portfolio options available to him in the app itself, such as which contents he likes to watch, how much it will cost him to watch a particular live content and how he can pay for it through the app itself, plan details, and also suggestions on various contents he should watch.

Multi-screen and watch list

The app should also offer a multi-screen option, with a different part for each age group of viewers, each with its own set of features. This allows users to access a vast number of different types of material quickly. With the watch list option, viewers may choose what they want to watch next or future. A notification mechanism can also be included in the app to bring them back on screen.

Privacy Settings

While people want to share what they see with their friends, they also want privacy. As a result, mobile app developers should preserve the option to toggle privacy to allow users to select which friends and social networking platforms they want to share with.

Social Element

: Mobile App Developers Should Include a Social Element so that visitors can share your app and its contents with others on social media. Using social media to log in should be available, making the onboarding process much more manageable.

Portfolio of materials

A proper portfolio of contents for viewers of various ages is a must-have element of any video streaming app. There needs to be a video library with genre-mixed content and news and live shows to make the app appealing to all age groups of users, similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime. The content library has the correct portfolio for each age group.

Screen Mirroring

With Wifi, viewers may watch videos on multiple screens such as TVs, laptops, and iPads. This is feasible with Google Cast SDK for Android apps, and the second alternative is AirPlay, which works with Apple TV and associated iOS apps in the same way as Google Cast.

Factors defining Video Streaming app's quality

For the live video streaming applications, there are certain factors to be considered to maintain the app’s video quality. Here are some features which make the live streaming app like Hotstar a widespread release.

Easy to Navigate and Use Experience – The app must have a pleasant user interface that is simple to navigate and use. The dark mode is a feature that we recommend to improve the app’s usability.
Several Login Options – Allowing customers to log in using multiple methods such as their mobile number, an OTP, Google, Facebook, or an email address can make it easier to onboard people with various preferences.
Virus-Free – Technical difficulties can reduce the audience’s interest. Consider how aggravating it will be if the program freezes or crashes. They must provide the customer with a trouble-free, seamless experience.
Good Recommendations – The app should be developed to give customers insight into their preferences. You can continue to upload similar videos that have a higher level of client interest and viewership. This is critical for both maintaining viewers and expanding reach. For enhanced discoverability, we should show related content.
Secure Payment Options – Online fraud is becoming more prevalent every day. You must provide a secure payment method with sufficient encryption. Even a single flaw might have a domino effect and reduce your audience. It has the potential to be harmful to your video streaming app.
Bookmarks and Collections – Allowing users to save items to watch later is an essential feature. The platform should also include customized lists such as “The Best Comedy Movies to Watch with Your Family.”
Offline Viewing – Offline viewing allows users to download and watch content without being connected to the internet. This is a crucial feature for an audience with fluctuating bandwidth.
Subtitles – If you want to distribute your material to many audiences in different languages, you’ll need multi-language subtitle capability.


Monetization for Video Streaming Apps

A video streaming app allows its customers to watch videos without interruption. So, what will entice them to attend services regularly? These are the many tactics that assist them in generating sufficient cash.


Free trial

A free trial is available. Users can watch free video streaming here for a limited time, known as the free trial period. It can take up to 15 or 30 days to complete the app in its entirety. After the free trial, users must pay a fee to use the regular or premium service.


There are a few small adverts interspersed during your streaming, which you usually ignore. However, advertisements are one of the most effective revenue-generating techniques for such programs. The brands pay a set fee based on the length of time and visibility of their ads.


Users must pay for their plans on a monthly or annual basis. This money is credited to the user's account for future streaming services.


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