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With its massive demand, PUBG has transformed the mobile app gaming business, leading to its ban by the Indian government due to its addictive syndrome. The game had officially grossed about half a billion dollars in the first six months of its introduction, yet the complete version wasn’t even released at the time. Isn’t it incredible?

The acronym PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. A terrific shooter game in which 100 real-life players battle it out on a deserted island. As each match progresses, the game brings survivors closer together. The gamer who makes it to the end is declared the winner. Before its suspension, this game had generated a lot of excitement on the internet and in the mobile app gaming market, breaking the hearts of billions of people.

Inspiration can motivate you to do anything, but only if you plan and strategize properly, not by chance. Many individuals want to create an app like PUBG, but when it comes to putting their ideas into action, the first thing that comes to mind is the expense. One of the most popular markets is game app development, and there are numerous ways to profit from it.

The Global Market Share of PUBG

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Since its release, the popularity of PUBG has skyrocketed. In just four months, the app has surpassed 100 million downloads and received a nomination for The Game Awards 2018’s Best Mobile Game.

According to Statista, the United States contributed the most of the overall gross revenue for PUBG, with a total of $5.9 million US dollars.

The Story of PUBG's Success!

Here are all the key traits that assured the success of PUBG. These must be embedded in your PUBG-like game too for immense success.

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Mind-Blowing Idea

It all started with the release of PUBG, the popular multiplayer battle royal game develop for PCs, in March 2017. It was designed by Brendan Greene for the PUBG Corporation. Tencent, a Chinese game development company, developed the game's mobile app and launched it on both powerful platforms a year later. If anyone reading this article is unfamiliar with PUBG, the game is about you and the other 99 players who land on an 8X8 km island and must fight to be the last one to survive. You can shoot down other players using a variety of impressive vehicles, guns, and supplies. It's a brilliant idea to engage users and turn them into game addicts.

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Strategy for a Soft Launch

Despite the game's popularity on PC, the designers of PUBG decided not to take any chances and limited the release of this fantastic program to Canadian customers only. The basic concept was to run through the game trials to determine how the target audience would react to the mobile version. This is an excellent approach for game producers to erase the glitch that appears at the start of the game.

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Graphics are stunning

PUBG's graphics are incredible, especially when played on the highest settings. The map quality and textures aren't quite as good as the PC or console versions, but that's fine. The distinctive feature is that gamers have access to a few unique settings that allow you to customize the design to your device's preferred performance. As a result, you can change the frame rate from low to high or change the design of the details in real-time to HD. With a few options, you can go from modest tones to something spectacular and colorful.

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Personalized Controls and a Sensational User Experience

: The touch-screen controls are fantastic for a game as complex as PUBG. Using the built-in configuration, you move ahead using a virtual control stick while managing your point with your other thumb on the screen's right side. With virtual tabs on the screen's right side, you fire, point down sights, duck, go higher, and get to your rucksack. After you've gotten used to the layout, you'll notice that you have access to all of the same features as the desktop version, such as free-looking and learning. You can entirely change the layout of the virtual tabs by moving them around and changing their transparency and size.

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Making Money Strategy

The game's creators followed the monetization strategy structure that has previously been observed in the gaming industry. It is shockingly free to download and play, despite its popularity and addiction. Those who wish to purchase in-app elements will have access to them. We must emphasize that the gaming is unaffected by the user's financial situation. Some players enjoy the game without spending any money, while others are unable to progress without purchasing special equipment. PUBG Mobile is a real-life example of how the addiction process behind mobile app games works.

Essential features for PUBG-like game:

Both single and multiplayer mechanics





Both 2D and 3D technologies

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Multiple gaming modes






Multiple languages support

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Stunning Mobile Gaming App Like PUBG?

Because of all of the features listed above, as well as others, PUBG is a very addicting and amazing gaming program. It’s a high-stakes mobile gaming app. These games are often made by seasoned developers and have substantial development expenditures. This game is extremely well-designed and has a high level of detail.

Game development of this kind necessitates extensive planning and game design effort, as well as a time commitment of 1-2 years or more. Depending on a variety of circumstances, we estimate that such apps will cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. If you have any queries about the various features and price ranges of such gaming apps, feel free to contact our game app development professionals.

Bringing things to a close

The aforesaid characteristics are responsible for the success of popular mobile app games like PUBG. As difficult as it may be to produce an app that captures a user’s attention at a high level, the best mobile app developers at Game App Studio can make such apps with their expanded experience and understanding in this field.

The game is unquestionably fantastic, and bringing something like this to market can be difficult, but now that it’s gone, the work gets easier. Let us know what we can do to assist you in moulding your ideas; let us know what we can do to make a better game for our players.

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