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Planning to Develop Escape Puzzle Game: Review the Case study of Best Escape Puzzle Game


Escape puzzle games are the problem solving and creativity based games that provide a lot of entertainment and fun to the users by putting them at any location from where they need to escape while passing various stages. These are the adventure games and full of suspense and mysteries. In the escape puzzle games, the players act as the protagonist in a story and it is driven hugely by numerous puzzle solving and exploration.

With the development of escape puzzle gaming titles, it is essential to understand the audience base and their needs. The game has to be perfectly tailored to meet the age, gender, and other specific demands of the users. Puzzle game development company provide the perfect customized escape game solutions to cater to different user base and satisfy them with the best game play experience.

Key points that make the Escape puzzle games popular:

Here are all the key factors that you must consider to ensure that your escape puzzle game is also popular and preferred globally among the gaming enthusiasts.

Interesting Story

For an escape puzzle game to be successful, it is essential to have an interesting story so that the users stay engaged with the gaming solution. This is also necessary for increasing the game’s retention rate.

Polished Graphics

The next vital thing is to have clear and polished graphics so that the users have an enhanced gaming experience and witness a real-looking gaming environment.

Clear Goals

An escape puzzle game is required to have clearer goals to ensure that the users are always well aware of what all to do for achieving what and are never confused in the main game play agenda.

Availability of Tutorial

To ensure that the developed escape puzzle gaming title is popular and engaging, it is also essential to ensure that the game offers proper tutorials to help the users understand about all the features of the game and how to utilize them for their benefit.

Puzzles with Story

With the escape puzzle games, it is also essential that the puzzles and the storyline are properly integrated and the users face the puzzles at the right moments to ensure that the game turns out to be meaningful and not vague.

Tough Puzzles

To ensure better gaming experience, it is also essential that the escape puzzle game has tougher puzzles so that the users build up better problem solving skills and creativity, thus ensuring that they are more attracted towards the gameplay.

Understanding Escape puzzle games

It is essential to properly understand the escape puzzle games’ gaming mechanics for better game designing and development. These games are mostly the locked items, and the users have to do some common tasks, like:

Finding a way out to any place.





Finding any locked box and opening it

Solving puzzles to get codes for doing the above two tasks





Repeating them again

Puzzle Types

There are different types of puzzles that can be present in escape puzzle games, like simple or the complex ones. Mostly, with the game’s beginning the puzzles are simpler, but they start becoming tougher as you move forward in the game.

Simple puzzles: These types of puzzles are the ones which a gamer can easily solve without any added clues and can instantly recognize too. These are like the everyday puzzles, including crosswords, riddles, Sudoku, math-based puzzles, anagrams, etc

Complex puzzles: These types of puzzles require for the players to combine multiple clues and objects for solving them, just like the decryption and cipher puzzles.


Escape puzzle games make the new gaming trend and are widely preferred due to the fun and skill-based gaming that they offer. Game App Studio came up with all the research and technique for the development of entertaining and engaging escape puzzle games for the global industry. Contact us now if you have any idea for the same and wish to get the game developed and launched!

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