Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Fantasy Sports App Development company


Both technological advancements and players’ comfort turns out to be the driving factors for any game development solution. And currently, with the growing modernization and digitalization, new genres are emerging in the gaming and esports industry, and fantasy game apps are one of them. With enhanced fascination and stimulated reality with the help of the realistic visuals, fantasy apps attract a higher fan base in the global market.

Indeed, the fantasy game solutions with multiple embedded sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football, etc, enhance the user engagement and attraction along with the higher revenue generation for the game because of their attractive and realistic interface and amazing features.

Why invest in fantasy sports apps?​

Fantasy sports app is thriving across the globe and the reports unveiled that 18 crore + Indian cricket fans make use of the fantasy sports applications. Further, around 7 million people are recently connected with fantasy sports as stated by the sources. Further, per year, the rate of the fantasy sports’ market is increasing by 30 to 50 percent, and the number of followers might cross 50 million soon.

Moreover, the market of fantasy sports is worth 10 billion globally, and the companies have also raised 1 billion+ in venture capital investments. Further, by the end of 2020, the industry might become 17 million USD.

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Solutions from Game App Studio

Fantasy sports apps transformed with the emergence of the internet and mobile devices. Moreover, in the history of the esports industry, the fantasy sports app developers are flourishing and these games are turning out to be the driving factors for the global audience and higher revenue generation for the game owners and publishers. 

With the digitalization and transitions, fantasy sports apps turn out to be an amazing solution for both the investors and the users because of its astonishing qualities and features, and thus it is highly recommended to invest in these apps for better financial success.

Fantasy Sports App Solutions with Game App Studio:​

Fantasy sports applications are available in multiple categories and ones that are commonly assured by the prominent fantasy app developers are:


Fantasy sports apps come for multiple sports like football, cricket, hockey, and many more. And these solutions are available for a range of applications, including all the mobile devices too.


Fantasy draft software is available to ensure the services of drafting like live and online drafts, random drafts, offline drafts, serpentine, bid-based drafts, and many more. They also provide integrations for live feeds of other parties.


Multiple league fantasy software solutions are available for the clients like the ones including total points, head to head, keeper styles, dynasty, auction, empire, pirate leagues, and daily fantasy sports.


These are the fantasy app solutions that are available for the audience with features like season points, rotisseries, head-to-head features, and many other exciting types like the salary cap, league styles, bracket games, and commissioner types.


There are more advanced solutions available too in this industry with AR and VR technologies. These apps provide fantasy gaming services like betting, creating leagues, joining existing leagues, and other advanced services.


Apart from the generic fantasy app solutions, more customized ones are also available with amazing features like fantasy analytics solutions for accurate data and other real-time tracking features.


User Authentication:

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Searching and filtering:

Over this page, the list of all the matches is present, and this is also the main screen of the application. Here, to search for any specific match, the users can also use the filter option.

Join tournaments & events:

For joining any tournament and event, this feature is available, and here a small fee is charged for the entry. The users get most of the entertainment with the help of this feature.

Create tournaments:

This feature is available to ease up the creation of the tournaments for the users. With this, only with a few steps, and filling up some details, the user can create the tournament for their choice.

Create Fantasy Team:

To make their own teams, the users can make use of this feature where they need to add the players of their choice and make a team to play the tournament of their interest.

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To let the friends and other colleagues join the tournament that you created this feature is available on the fantasy sports apps. With this, whenever a new member, the inviter receives some rewards.


This is the feature where the user can check the profiles of the players, their basic information, and other details about their prizes and earnings.

Play & Won history:

With this section, the user can check the number of matches played, and what all were won or lost. Further, going into the more specific feature, the users can also check the number of matches that he/she won so far.


Dashboard for varying roles

The admin can check all the details about the matches and the earnings from them using this feature. It has all the details of the number of contests that occurred in the app and the earnings from all of them.

user setting icons

Manage users

With this feature, the admin can add, edit, delete, activate, or deactivate any of the users’ accounts. With this, they can manage the users for the app and can offer the access according to their choice.


Manage contests

With this feature, the admin can manage all the contests and permit the occurrence of them. Here the statistics of all the ongoing and upcoming contests and matches in the application.

payment gateway

View earning

The admin can easily view the earning with this feature and can also manage the total revenue from multiple matches. With this, the success or failure of the app is easily identified.

medal icon

Manage reward points​

With this feature, the Admin can manage the rewards for the users according to their performances and different games. The type and amount of the reward is also managed by the admin.


Manage bonus

Admin can also generate the cash bonus and can also manage them for the users. These are offered to the users according to their performances and also if they win the matches.


League & match management

The admin gets the best assistance with this feature for arranging and managing the leagues and for checking the history of the leagues. Also, this can be used for managing, arranging, deleting, activating, or deactivating the matches.

user person icon

Admin login & dashboard

This feature is similar to the user login and the admin needs to provide the login id and the password to access the dashboard. In the dashboard, the admin can check the statistics of different matches and the users.


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Live scores

The users can check the live scores of different matches with this feature. Using this feature in the fantasy apps, the users can also check the expert analysis and game insights.

user files

Record of players

Both admin and users can select some players and with this feature, they can check their records, including his/her present and past performances.

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Push notifications

With this feature, the users can get notifications about the upcoming and ongoing contests and changes in the apps and the teams.

medal icon

GPS tracking

With this feature, the details of the location of the users are provided to the app, and they can use it to check the nearby matches and leagues and their details.

location tags

Mail reminder

This is a customized feature that is helpful for providing reminders to the users about the upcoming events of their choices through the email.

user menu

Multiple payment modes

This is a customized feature that is helpful for providing reminders to the users about the upcoming events of their choices through the email.

Fantasy Sports app development company:​

Since fantasy sports apps are thriving in the market, there are multiple types of fantasy sports app development for multiple mobile devices. According to varying needs and varying sports, there are multiple app development solutions for fantasy sports, like, fantasy cricket app development, fantasy football app development, and many more. Game App Studio is one of the best game and app development service provider, and we assure world-class experiences through our solutions.

Game App Studio has a team of experts and experienced professionals that assure the best fantasy Sports app development solutions, like:

  1. Customized fantasy sports apps.
  2. White label apps that are scalable and ready to be launched.
  3. Fantasy sports app for higher engagement for the brands.

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