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2021 is a windfall for FinTech mobile app development services as FinTech has substantially decreased intermediary commissions as well as reducing transaction expenses for customers. The FinTech apps are immensely popular with customers. For loans, insurance, crowdfunding, and money transfers, consumers are increasingly choosing online transaction methods over traditional ways. Your search for a FinTech app development business to create the best FinTech app solutions has come to an end. In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, we’re among the best FinTech app developers.


The Fintech market is expected to be worth $127 billion by 2020. According to Business Research Company, it will be valued at $309, 98 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 24.8 percent.

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FinTech Apps are intended to revolutionize the banking and financial services industries. We’re a well-known FinTech app development firm that has assisted dozens of banking and financial organizations with their online presence. Customers can now use their mobile devices to obtain banking services thanks to FinTech. FinTech Apps can also be used to provide a new line of financial services.

·         Custom Reporting: In order to maintain corporate productivity, firms must manage data in real-time. To make the development process easier, we give custom reporting on the state of the project.

·         Data Analytics: Our fintech app developers have a wealth of experience designing analytics solutions for fintech businesses that may aid in financial planning and forecasting by giving real-time data.

Types of Fintech Applications

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Investment Apps

Fintech investment programmes that are highly scalable and quality-driven, allowing users to track their daily spending, portfolio values, and invest in mutual funds.

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Insurance Apps

Fintech insurance applications with the most up-to-date functionality will provide users with more convenient ways to communicate with insurance businesses.

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Forex Apps

Fintech Apps for the Forex Industry would allow the forex industry to give all trading functions to app users on a single fully-fledged trading platform.

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Cryptocurrency Apps

Get a feature-rich cryptocurrency and currency exchange app designed by our professionals that allows you to transfer numerous currencies seamlessly and securely from your mobile device.

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Digital Wallet

: Our experience allows us to expand the use of fintech applications by creating a digital wallet application that allows users to transfer money via credit/debit cards, NFC, or a mobile phone.

Fintech Mobile App Development Major Requirements

As we all know, the Fintech industry is pretty complex, therefore you must first examine the aspects that will aid you in your startup’s success. The following are the main characteristics of a Fintech App Development:


Security is a major concern in the Fintech business. If users encounter security vulnerabilities even once, they will uninstall your software without hesitation. The following are some of the key aspects that can improve the security of your Fintech app:

  • Authentication using two factors
  • Login through OTP
  • Dynamic CVV2 Codes
  • Fingerprint or Face Scan security

You should conduct app penetration testing to ensure the security of your system. You’ll learn how hackers can gain access to your app and then brainstorm ways to avoid it. You should also keep the app up to date, manage it, and verify it for security.

Keep in mind that the Fintech industry is governed by a set of rules. If you intend to create a Fintech app, you must adhere to regulatory standards such as PCI-DSS, PSD2, FCA, and privacy legislation such as CCPA, GDPR, or PIA. In the early stages of Fintech app development, security techniques should be implemented.

2. Integrations

APIs are the building blocks of a financial app. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are used to connect different programmes or portals. APIs can provide commands to third-party service workers in the Fintech industry.

API is also inexpensive. If you utilise Plaid API in your app, this Fintech business will allow you to connect your app to your bank account. Users can access their bank accounts, check balances, make payments, and much more in this way.

In the e-commerce industry, APIs are also responsible for efficient payments and checkout processes. Your Fintech app can be integrated with payment systems such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and others so that customers can shop from anywhere in the globe.

3. Simplicity

Make your Fintech app simple with a user-friendly design if you want it to succeed. Your app’s Fintech users don’t need to know much to utilise it. The goal of fintech app development is to offer analytical tools for gathering financial data and constructing easy financial programmes.

Real-time analytics and data are always displayed so that consumers or businesses can readily see their revenue, expenses, savings, and other information. The Fintech app should be clear and easy to understand in order to attract more users.

4. Support

The entire Fintech sector is based on the usage of very sensitive data. As a result, you can’t rely on third-party customer support; instead, you’ll need consultants to deal with client inquiries. They should be technically trained to operate under extremely tight safety standards and regulations.

Create a chatbot if you can’t afford to hire a crew that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users will be able to trust your app and learn about their money or bank offers.

5. Push Notifications

For effective communication between bank officials and clients, push notifications are essential. They also make sure that users are kept up to date on new policies and discounts on a regular basis. It enables financial service providers to keep in touch with their clients and keep them informed about everything that is going on.

6. Personalization

Personalization becomes a feature when banking apps are combined with artificial intelligence. AI monitors the user’s behaviour and gives relevant information about new updates, policies, and advantages provided by the financial institution. As a result, important inputs and recommendations are individualised, which aids in client retention as well as the acquisition of new audiences and revenue.


Top cutting-edge Fintech App Development trends

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralised, unchangeable "chain of blocks" that stores time-stamped documents and data. It is a decentralised ledger, which makes data storage extremely safe. As a result, blockchain technology is an excellent choice for financial app development. Fintech apps built on the blockchain are transparent, unchangeable, and highly secure. It would ensure that users' privacy and security are protected.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is useful for recognising and analysing input data patterns. Artificial intelligence-based fintech apps would be an excellent way to detect fraud and other suspicious financial system activities. In-depth data analysis will also assist financial service providers in developing more tailored policies and generating more revenue streams.

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Big Data

Big data will assist financial service companies in developing a highly reliable and sharp fintech app that will satisfy all of their users' needs. From the app's vast volume of data, data analytics allows you to figure out user trends and deliver helpful insights.

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Microservices are compatible with blockchain and artificial intelligence. They assist in ensuring that the app is organised as a collection of interconnected features and services. The programme grows faster, and data is handled in a distributed fashion. It also cuts down on the amount of time and money spent on fintech app development.

Let’s look at the technological stack you may use to build a financial app now that you know about the numerous technology trends for innovative fintech app development.


Fintech apps are becoming increasingly popular in the financial sector. According to a research, fintech app usage in the United States is expected to increase by 60% by 2020. It’s critical to make sure fintech app development is done correctly in order to avoid dangers and provide high-quality functionality. Choose Game App Studio for getting the best and most precisely developed Fintehh applications.

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