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Fitness is the primary priority for everyone but not everyone has the time to go to a gym along with managing work. This has led to a surge in acceptance of fitness mobile applications on android and IOS. Users can stay healthy and keep in perfect shape through their smartphones with such apps. We shall consider the features, development and monetization of fitness apps in this article. Game App Studio is a leading fitness app development company. We provide the finest fitness tracker applications through our expertise, skill and experience.


The world fitness app market mounted to stand at $2.9 billion in 2019 and will reach $3.4 billion by 2020. More than 75% of fitness app users operate the app at least twice a week while 25% of them use it ten times per week.  Global Newswire also predicts that the market is set to flourish with even more dedicated users and mount up to a massive $14.64 billion by the end of 2027. Thus, it is only viable to capitalise on this opportunity to be a part of this blooming industry.


     USER ACCOUNT – Best health and fitness apps let you have your personalized profile with your likes and daily activity. It also helps you connect to people with similar goals and interests and widen your networking circle.

     NOTIFICATION AND UPDATE – Fitness apps keep you updated about all the latest additions and also renew their features and trends as per the liking of their customers.

     WORKOUT AND EXERCISES – Of course, the main purpose of a fitness app to provide a detailed procedure of mind rejuvenating and fitness oriented exercises. You may also get your personalised routine made with the help of the app. Thus, another variation of fitness apps is an exclusive weight loss app.

     VIDEOS, AUDIOS AND ADVICE – An additional feature of fitness apps may also have video clips from personal trainers and audio notes of various trained professionals who address all the queries of the users. This is another attraction to fitness apps which increases user engagement.

     BROWSE AND EXPLORE – A chance to explore the best diet or workout routine for yourself, fitness apps have a variety of such routines on the basis of every person’s age and body type. 



  •      ANALYSE THE MARKET – A proper analysis of what the fitness app market has to offer you is the first step towards building a fitness app. One must have the various kinds of health apps, their features, cost and profits.

         CHOICE AND ESTIMATE – Next, you need to choose the kind of fitness app you want. From diet and health apps to fitness tracker and home workout apps, there are ample number of versions of a ‘basic fitness’ app. Estimate the benefits of picking the perfect one and go ahead with it.

         PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT – Plan what features you want to add and set a basic layout. Build a prototype i.e. the first version of the app and get feedback from the clients for making it better.

         TESTS AND ITERATION – Take into account the feedback and start the process of iteration. It may take up to 4-5 rounds for the final product to get ready. Keep in mind the preferences and liking of target customers while developing the app. 


  •      HIPPA – One of the primary ensurers of security and sensitivity in terms of a client’s personal information is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPPA. The mobile apps relating to health and fitness must have specific confidentiality such as codes and passwords. To further avoid exploitation of the user’s data, mobile apps are obliged to adopt encryption and cap the usage of such sensitive data. This is required for health, disease detection, fitness and diet apps.

  •      HL 7 – Health Level 7 is another compliance standard for health and fitness apps. This focuses on apps which exchange medical information and ensures that the data is collected and exchanged in the most systematic manner keeping the patient/ user’s benefit at hand. This also increases the credibility of a health facility and makes their functioning smoother.

  •      FDA – The U.S Food and Drug Administration regulates the health facilities which provide a diagnosis and cure for diseases. Apart from ensuring security of personal information, this compliance also assures a conveyance of precise and valid information regarding health and disease to the users. It is essentially required for apps that keep an actual check on the user’s health like heart rate. 


  •      ADVERTISEMENTS – Endorsements of ads and banners is an efficient way of generating revenues for fitness mobile applications. They generally do not disturb the user’s activity.

         PREMIUMS – Some special features such as one on one advice sessions with professionals are often kept for premium customers. These services can only be availed after paying a monthly fee.

         AFFILIATION – Promoting other products complementary to your fitness app can mutually widen your reach as well as get more customers to increase the total revenue.

         MONTHLY SUBSCRIBERS – The fitness app owner can also charge a fee for each and every feature of the app when the customers are loyal and definite in number. This earns large revenues. 


  •      EASY USAGE – The fitness apps we develop are specifically designed for the ease of all customers. With an inclusive search bar and a simple methodology of operating the app, a fitness app by our studio is every user’s delight.

         SECURITY – We provide payment gateways with absolute safety and airtight security. Our app is also compatible with multiple forms of payments and devices.

         BEST DESIGN – Game App Studio is known for mastering the best user interface designs along with an eye-catchy layout of the app. We also add a touch of gamification in order to keep our client’s app users more engrossed.

  •      SUPPORT AND ANALYSIS – We offer timely analysis of the fitness application’s progress as well as suggest ways to optimally use these apps. 


  •                                          Game App Studio is the best health and fitness app development company which provides –

         EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY – Game App Studio has been developing mobile and web applications over several years and possesses the best qualities and experience in the industry to present the most successful product to our clients.

         MONETIZATION TECHNIQUES – Being masters at digital marketing, our studio can also help you chalk out the most effective strategic plan of generating great revenues in no time.

         CUSTOMER RETENTION – With monetization strategies, we also have an excellent track record of client satisfaction and also discuss tools for increasing loyalty of their customers.

         FLEXIBILITY AND TRANSPARENCY – Our team of proficient fitness app developers are always flexible to accommodate new ideas in their fitness app development process and offer total transparency at all times.

  •      AVAILABILITY AT ALL HOURS – We provide total availability to our clients for speeding up app development. We interact with our clients efficiently so that we can develop just the fitness app our client wants.

  • For knowing more about fitness app development or our services, reach out to us. Having your own fitness app is easier than it
    seems, mail us at [email protected] or fill the contact form available on our website.


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