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When we talk about Revenue Generation, Mobile games have a slight edge over other mobile apps, they can give a boost to your entrepreneurial ventures, a hike in your profits and it's our forte to develop high-end games capable of providing the best user experience and performing in revenue market with flying colors. if you want your idea to be a shade in those flying colors contact us now.

With various Games that have crossed the mark of 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and App Store its very right to say that the developers at Game App Studio are pros when it comes to Game Apps Development. We are the pioneers of this game development industry as we know games are not created for just a small period they are an ongoing concern. And we are concerned about your idea reaching a larger audience in a way that it leaves a lasting impact. Let's make it happen, together.

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Game App Studio, Where Expectations Meet Reality

If we go by the stats, in recent times the revenue generated by the game app development industry is way more than the collective revenue generated by the entertainment industry and the sports industry.

its an ocean out there so be prepared with your fishing rods who knows you might get a golden fish. We know we are.



In the city called technology, Our team of developers is well versed with the talk of the town.

Android Games Development

The platform where everything changes with the latest update, Get your android games developed from one of the elite developers at Game App Studio to always stay one step ahead in this largely growing industry.

IOS Game Development

The rapidly growing and dynamic game development platform, IOS is also the largest market for game-based businesses with the highest rewards for bravest game ideas. Let's shoot for the limits.

2D And 3D Game Development

With just the right balance between the design and performance, From utilitarian 2D games to immersive 3d games we've got it all covered for you.

HTML 5 Game Development

It's the most widely used platform for developing a variety of games and is surely preferred by many developers for the compatibility and numerous features it provides. We have competent developers who are capable of providing highly operative games with a minimalistic design

Monetization Game Application

It's the ways to earn revenue from the games you develop. First would be the paid apps, that you will have to pay for installing the app playing the game. then there are games and apps are known as Freemium apps they are free apps but you will have to pay to use the extra or the premium features of the app. Other ways include in-app-purchases, banner adds, more games suggestion buttons. there are different ways used differently like advertisements can be used in a different way and subscription for premium content can be used differently. and our developers have the skills to place these in-app-purchases in a way that it helps in generating revenue and also does not take away the amusement of the users. more...

Windows Game Development

Known to be the most secure platform, Windows offers a window for great dealings in game development and we know how to crack those deals for you.

AR/VR Game Development

A large portion of the Latest Wave of games is occupied by AR/VR games, it's as surreal as it feels, when you play a virtual reality game, to believe that they are getting popular among the users so rapidly. business opportunities are also growing at the same pace we can help you to keep up with the marketing game.

Multiplayer Games

The new craze in gaming world among the gamers is the multiplayer games, The sense of proximity is what drives them to these games. We have earned excellence in creating highly engaging, real-time and fun multiplayer games.

Product maintenance

Work is not done when you are just done with the manufacturing of a product the success of the product is largely depended upon its maintenance. Same goes with the success of a mobile game or an app the regular & quick updates, quality assurance, and the overall maintenance of the app marks the points towards the success of it. We are well known for developing top-notch quality apps and games as well as working hard on their maintenance by providing regular updates, quick bug fixes, running tests and maintenance for the applications. more...

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