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Hyper-casual games, The genre that is dominating the game downloading charts and has prompted a dramatic change in the game development industry. But what are these hyper-casual games? Why these games are so popular? And how they can be of great potential to generate revenue?. These are the most fundamental questions one can ask about the hyper-casual games and you also might be having similar doubts, To know the answers just follow as we discuss these points below.

Download of Hyper Casual Games

With the year 2017 hyper-casual games started gaining popularity and it was expected that in 2018 the hyper-casual mobile games will be among the top app charts, and it came out to be true. It suddenly burst with more and more hyper-casual games started appearing in the top charts. 2018 is considered to be the year when these games boom, and even in 2019 hyper-casual games were grossing high and shaking up the top game and app charts.

This market is very lucrative, The revenue in 2019 for these hyper-casual games was estimated to be approximately $2 billion to $2.5 billion. Looking at the growth rate and the way these games with oversimplified UI and mechanics have been progressing in the market from the past 2-3 years. The imminent upsurge of these hyper-casual games in the coming years can be seen clearly.

What are these hyper-casual games?

“Hyper-casual” is not actually a category on the Play Store like Racing, arcade, or action to begin with. It is basically a bunch of games that fall under the same collections due to some distinctive features that differentiate these games from other games.

Revenue Report of Casual game

Hyper-casual mobile games are very intriguing, just like their name they are hyper and casual at the same time. This is very interesting as they have very simple “tap to play” mechanisms and simple designs yet they are very enjoyable. Hyper-casual games are easy to learn and play but difficult to master that is what makes them addictive. People want to keep on playing them to reach higher levels, to make high scores, or for the sheer excitement that they provide. They are also called money-making games. The hyper-casual games trend break out with the internet sensation game called Flappy Bird. You must remember it was insanely popular at the time and was earning around $50,000 a day from mobile ads during its peak. Now, this was a while ago, With the increasing number of smartphone users, it is more likely to expect even more revenue in the prevailing times. You can just imagine the business opportunities in the hyper-casual game development market and its capabilities to reap greater revenues.

Why hyper-casual games are popular?

Hyper-casual games have appeared to be the most promising game categories.

They are capable of reaching the widest audience with a high retention rate. Their easy interface and small size make them relevant among the people of all age groups.

Easy To Play

They have a very minimalistic UI and simple gameplay mechanisms. With hardly 1-2 very simple tasks. People of all age groups and interests can easily understand and play them. The majority of hyper-casual game players consist of middle-aged people.


In comparison to other games from other categories, hyper-casual games are super lightweight. Usually, they are generally less than 50 MB in size and consume less space and memory on the phone. Considered its small size and minimalistic gameplay there is no lagging of any sort.

Easy To Monetise

It’s really easy to monetize these games by adding in-app purchases, in-app ads, or pay per installation. These games are addictive and people spend more time playing them than other games. more time spent basically means more revenue.

Large Audience Base

These games don’t have complex structures. The simple yet engaging gameplay attracts more and more people and the sense of accomplishment and competitiveness keeps them engaged resulting in a large audience base.


How to Create a Hyper Casual Game?

While creating a hyper-casual game you need to make sure that you keep the gameplay simple, You make the mechanisms short, keeping taps and activities to a minimum, and you make the experience satisfying for the user. The player feels a sense of accomplishment when he is playing the game. The following are the most popular and equally suitable game development platforms/game engines to develop hyper-casual games.


Unity is one of the most popular and most preferred game development engines for developing hyper-casual games, As it supports 2D and 3D game development. It is very suitable for creating intriguing hyper-casual games. It is the leading cross-platform game development engine. It is capable of creating high power games as well as minimalistic hyper-casual games.


Most of the hyper-casual games are developed in Buildbox. Buildbox is hands down one of the best engines well-suited for hyper-casual game development. Buildbox is famous as a no-code game development engine best suitable for creating minimalistic games. Developing hyper-casual games with Buildbox is very convenient and a single code can be used to develop games for all the major platforms.

GameMaker Studio 2

Famous for AAA game development. it supports mobile development, console development, and even web-based game development. For hyper-casual app development, it has all the suitable features. It is a cost-effective choice for many developers while being capable of providing simple yet intriguing game development support.


Cocos2D-x is free to use 2D open-source engine. It is capable of creating addictive hyper-casual games and this makes it stand out from the other engines. It supports games of very small sizes. One of the highlights of hyper-casual games is that they are of very small size. With Cocos2D.

Even games of 1.5 MB are supported.


SpriteKit is a 2D game development framework designed by Apple and it supports the iOS platform. It is considered to be the best framework when it comes to developing hyper-casual games exclusively for the iOS platform. It is most compatible with all of Apple’s tools and features resulting in unique and fun hyper-casual games.

Features of Hyper-Casual Games

Social Login

Hyper-casual games let you log in with your social media accounts you can connect your Facebook account and get rewards and you can also see which of your friends are also playing those games.

Tap To Play Games

These are simple Tap To Play games having a minimum 1-2 activities for you to perform yet the gameplay is highly engaging.


Leaderboards or public scoreboards are maintained displaying the highest achievers, Their high scores, The awards received by them. And also the results of the contests or competitions held.

 Social SDK Integration

Hyper-casual games are considered great for social SDK integration, It allows you to connect and log in from different social media platforms.

 Social Sharing

As mentioned above hyper-casual games let you connect your social media accounts and you can share your high scores, achievements or rewards on your social media accounts.


You can also send invites to your friends and play the game with them online. you can play against each other or as a team depending upon the dynamics of the game.

In-App Purchases

Hyper-casual games are most suitable for in-app purchases they are a great source of generating revenues. They are placed very strategically so that it does not annoy the playe

We believe we have covered all the possible questions regarding the hyper-casual games. We discussed the fundamentals of the hyper-casual games, The reasons why they are so popular, The development, And the business opportunities of this hyper-casual game development industry.

We mentioned the immense revenue generation capabilities that these money-making games possess and the ways to monetize your hyper-casual games. You have all the necessary information about the hyper-casual mobile games, Now all you need is to hire the best hyper-casual games development company to convert you into a flourishing hyper-casual mobile game.

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