Johnny Trigger Most Successful Hyper-Casual Game of 2020


Several games entered the global market in 2020, and most of them are from the range of hyper-casual genre. However, even though many new games were launched to attract the international audience by providing immense satisfaction and entertainment to them during the pandemic, only a few gaming titles managed to gain success and attract users.

With the beginning of the global pandemic, the playtime for the global users increased rapidly and rose by 62%, and the players started spending 5 to 30% more time in the games. Factually, Hyper casual games went exceptionally well and gained immense success in the time being.

Johnny Trigger is one of the most successful games of the lockdown period, and it has also managed to rule the hearts of the users and receive the title of the top money-making game of 2020.

Johnny Trigger: The 2020 best hyper-casual game – ​

Johnny Trigger is a popular and top-earning hyper-casual game that puts the player in control of a stick figured spy, similar to John Wick. This is a 2D game in which the user must keep a note of the timing. The user must control Johnny Trigger, and as the character somersaults through the level, the user must find the right time to fire the shots for him. If the user in any way misses a shot, then the baddies shoot the character back. 

The game has hugely shorter levels, just as expected from the hyper-casual games, and each group has some regular checkpoints. The main gameplay mechanics are straightforward, and the users are only required to tap on the screen at the right instance of time.

The inspiration of Johnny Trigger –

Johnny Trigger is an entirely satisfying one. It is a combination of some smoother animations, voiceover “headshot” whenever there is a firing of the perfect bullet shot and a more straightforward gaming mechanic.


This hyper-casual gaming title is inspired clearly by the bullet time mechanic. A similar gaming mechanic is also available in The Matrix, Max Payne, and Red Dead redemption.

Reward cycling feature of Johnny Trigger –

Repetition of tasks and
features at times get a lot boring. This might also be the ruining factor even for the most popular gaming titles and damage the entire user retention rate. Thus, to keep the players engaged and maintain a higher user retention rate, Say games cycles the reward system. For example: 

1.) Valuable rewards like a newer gun.

  1. 2.) Cosmetic rewards like skin.
  2. 3.) More unique mechanics like at situations where Johnny can rebound the metallic objects or blow the barrels.
  3. 4.) A Meta feature in which the users can enter the secret levels after hitting some goals. 
  4. 5.) A fantastic in-game currency.

This cycling reward feature helps Say Games keep the game fresher and more exciting and maintain the user retention rate. Even though the gameplay stays the same, the users get a curiosity to tap for starting the next level and check what is there for the users in the coming levels.

More fascinating features about Johnny Trigger –

The constantly changing atmosphere of the game is more fascinating about it. Each level of the game differs from the previous one in the array. Moreover, there is a fantastic effect of slow motion and shooting with various guns that make the gameplay more entertaining and attractive. The diversity in the levels is frequently managed using the level art and changing effects of the regular guns to submachine guns and other heavy-duty weapons.

Johnny Trigger is a fantastic and fascinating game that also features interactive objects like oil barrels and moving items that the user can use for shooting to dispose off or kill the enemy. This feature is maintained to ensure that the users have much entertainment even if killing the enemies with the guns gets boring for them. Apart from this, at some levels, the game also features added obstacles in the form of hostages that the users must avoid shooting.

The UI and UX of the game are also fascinating and attractive, and there is an evident contrast between the characters and Johnny on one side and the entire surrounding environment. Furthermore, from various aspects, it is also clear that the game draws inspiration from Matrix, which is so far the best sci-fi movies available. 

For completing any level, the users have to kill each of the enemies of Johnny. And to do the same, the users have to follow some more straightforward sequence of steps in which the users have to tap the screen when Johnny aims at the enemy and ensures that Johnny survives.

Fresher gaming experience in each round of the game –

As the gaming ambiance constantly changes for Johnny Trigger, it stays fresher for attractive users and ensures more entertainment. The players get a fantastic chance to frequently spot Johnny taking over the bad guys in various settings, like the beaches, shipyards, warehouses, and coal mines. There are also several interactive objects available in the game like oil barrels, gas cans, and other things that can shoot or kill the enemies if shooting them in the head of the enemies become more pedestrian.

The graphics of the game are also more straightforward, but in the meantime, more attention-seeking. The characters look like some expertly designed stick figures, which mix well with the game’s overall theme. The soundtrack of the game’s Hollywood action film is also more energetic and helpful for creating an immersive gaming experience.

Game App Development Company –

Say Games is the hyper-casual game developer behind this successful and higher-earning title of 2020, Johnny Trigger. The game is a successful title across the globe and has a higher user retention rate. It also managed to fascinate an immersive amount of users and reach out to the good books of them. Shooting hyper-casual games are hype in the modern era, especially the pandemic period, and Johnny Trigger is one of the most prominent titles among the entire range.

Game App Studios helps to develop game-like Johnny Trigger and fascinate as many users with the final solution as possible.

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