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It has not been a lot of time since the inception of On-Demand Delivery apps but it has already become a huge part of our lives.

We have been ordering food, clothes, taxi, grocery, furniture, and many more products and services at our doorsteps so why not medicines. Everyone needs it, They are a basic requirement for everyone’s life.

And now while we are at it, We all know that the Online medicine delivery market is on an upsurge. If we go by the stats, Online pharma companies are expected to attain a combined market size of $2.7 billion by 2023. E-pharma presents a total addressable market size of $9.3 billion as of 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 18.1% to reach $18.1billion by 2023. You can see that these facts clearly state that there are immense business opportunities in medicine delivery business, Opting medicine delivery market for an entrepreneurial venture seems to be a very reasonable option. And with the on-demand delivery apps, you make the most out of it, and yes by that we mean revenue generation. It can be of great utility for your medicine delivery business. For it can be very helpful in bringing medicine facilities closer to your customers.

How Medicine Delivery App can Help to Grow your Medicine Delivery Business

Business Scalability: With the on-demand medicine delivery app you can take your business to the customers located in the places where your business is not physically present. More places mean more business. It only enhances your customer base and the possibilities of growth.


Brand Recognition: The app acts as the face of the business and helps your business in emerging as an established brand among the customers. Word-of-mouth has the power to build a brand reputation. Brand recognition is very important for customer retention.


Drive New Customers: On-demand app are proven to provide means of cheap and effective marketing. You can give exclusive deals and offers to your customers and it will attract more and more buyers. Hence building your customer base.


Customer Engagement: All the positive interactions that the customer makes with your business constitutes customer engagement. with the on-demand app it provides a better means to the customer to connect and engage in with your business. higher the number of engagements will be better the customer retention will be.


List your product and services: You can present your medical products and services in a better and attractive way with the on-demand app. So that it is convenient for the users to browse through and also to pursue them to buy your products and services.


Gain more revenue: More and more people are using mobile apps and the on-demand app gives you more room to connect with more and more people. It simply enhances the horizons of the possibilities for your business growth and revenue generation.


Time and Cost-saving: The agility that the on-demand app brings in the undertakings of your medicine delivery business is simply efficient both in terms of cost and time-saving.


Reserve for a Lab test and Get Report at Doorstep: By providing them facilities to book a Lab test through the app and get the report at there doorsteps. For the users also the on-demand apps are of great utility. you can provide the users with such services through the app itself.

Types of medicine Delivery App:

  • Aggregate model (2 party model)

Apps under the aggregate model involve only 2 parties namely the business and the customer, Such apps links up the customers to the pharmaceuticals and lets them place the order. They pass the order to the pharmacy, but it doesn’t provide a delivery service. Delivery of the order is provided by the pharmaceuticals only. Aggregate model is best suitable For the firms that can manage their own delivery system like a big medicine delivery business.

  • Logistic Support Model (3 party model)

There are 3 parties involved in the apps under the Logistic Support Model. It involves third-party delivery personnel and consists of the features. They connect the customers to the pharmaceuticals. They accept the orders and pass them to the pharmaceuticals and third-party delivery personnel will pick up those orders and deliver them to the customers. For the small pharmacies and small medicine delivery businesses, it is best suitable. Well, Logistic Support Model apps are very relevant at the current times

Medicine mobile app development company



  • User Registration
    User Log-in
    Easy Upload Prescription
    One-Click Search Medicine
    Add to Cart
    Push Notifications
    Online Payment
    Discount and Rewards
    Order Tracking
    Live Chat

Pharmacy Panel

  • Registration
    Manage Information
    Manage Product Details
    View Ratings and Reviews
    Order Alerts
    Manage prices

Admin Panel

  • Manage Orders
    Manage Online Payments
    Content Management
    Manage Reviews
    Payment & Offers

Above we covered the features, benefits, scalability, and the revenue generation capabilities of on-demand medicine delivery apps. We discussed the development process and the essential features of on-demand medicine delivery apps. If you have a medicine delivery startup or you are planning to venture into this territory you should definitely get an on-demand app developed for your medicine delivery startup.

The aggregate model app will be the best suitable solution for you if you have an established pharmacy or if you have started a medicine delivery business and you can manage your own delivery system. it can help you build your brand in the medicine delivery industry and emerging as an established brand name. on the other hand logistic support model app is best suitable for small medicine delivery startups as they will not have to manage their own delivery system. A third-party delivery system is convenient for both the customers and the medicine delivery business.

Our closing words, for your on-demand medicine delivery app development, Will be to first understand the undertakings of your business and your requirements. And then opt for the most suitable model for your medicine delivery startup. Hire the best on-demand medicine delivery app development company and get an on-demand app developed for your medicine delivery business.

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