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In the game development industry, Multiplayer game development, Whether online multiplayer games or offline multiplayer games, Is the most flourishing game category. Be it computer-based, Xbox, PlayStation, or other devices we have clearly seen the craze for multiplayer games. Now we can see the same or we should say even a bigger craze of the multiplayer games on mobile phones. It is often said that hardcore serious gamers are mostly PC or Xbox gamers, But this saying seems to be changing rapidly, With more and more mobile-centric multiplayer games are being launched for mobile phones they are getting insanely popular among the mobile gamers. Here we are going to discuss what these multiplayer games are? Why they are so popular and their types? And also how we develop multiplayer mobile games.

As the name suggests Multiplayer games are those games that can be played by more than one player at the same time. Now there can be offline multiplayer games often termed as a local multiplayer game and then there are online multiplayer games. Offline multiplayer games are played on the same computer or device and Online multiplayer games are played by a number of players with distinctive devices or separate systems and They can be real-time or turn-based also. Now online multiplayer games are played on different devices in real-time. This requires the different devices to be connected with each other on a network. Multiplayer game development company will discuss this in detail later below.

Types of Multiplayer Games we develop:

Massively multiplayer online game(MMOG):

Massively multiplayer online game, often referred to as MMOG or MMO is an online game which is played by a large number of players, often hundreds or thousands, on the same server simultaneously connected with a common network.

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Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG):

When a player assumes the role of a fictional character and plays the game according to the narrative. That’s a role-playing game. So MMORPG is just another category of massively multiplayer online games but with different gameplay.

First Person Shooter (FPS):

It’s a weapon-based shooting game from a first-person perspective. the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist.

Real-time strategy game (RTS):

It is basically a strategy game the gameplay moves according to the tasks and levels. Its a sub-category of strategy games.

How We Develop Multiplayer Games

Above we discussed the popular types of multiplayer games. Here we are getting started with the mechanisms and requirements involved in multiplayer mobile game development.

Requirements for building a Multiplayer Game:

The online multiplayer games are played in real-time by different players on their respective devices. This requires those different devices to be connected to a common network. That’s the reason why multiplayer games require network programming and database programming. The Servers play a very important role in multiplayer game development. Following we have discusses the requirements for building a multiplayer game.

Network Architecture:

All multiplayer games aim at providing a similar experience to the players by creating the same virtual world with identical actions and reactions of the players. For that they need to build a common network on which all the players will be connected in real-time. Now an online multiplayer game development company can be built on either client-server model or peer-to-peer model. Both of these network models operate differently and are utilized accordingly in multiplayer game development.


Peer-to-Peer is basically a player-to-player connection model. In Peer-to-Peer approach the players are connected to each other via the server but are independent and their actions in the game are in their own control. The peers(players), in order to maintain consistency in the experience for all the players, send information about the state of their game and receive the state of the game from other peers as well. This creates a virtual simulation for the players and opponents. For this robust communication and synchronization is must and there are other techniques like interpolation, extrapolation, feedback, and timeout that can be employed in order to resolve any communication latency lag between the peers.


The client-server model is the most preferred approach for multiplayer game development as it overcomes the security issues of the peer-to-peer model. unlike the peer-to-peer model the client-server creates a central authoritative server. The game runs on the server and the changes in the game state are sent by a client. Players communicate via the server and not directly. Interpolation and extrapolation can be used to fix latency issues between the server and the players.

Network Protocols: TCP, UDP, Web Socket:

The players are the nodes of the network and a multiplayer game requires a protocol over which the player can send, receive, and decode messages. There are two main protocols used in multiplayer games. These are, Transmission control protocol(TCP) and User datagram protocol(UDP). Now TCP is considered reliable as it ensures the delivery of all the packages in the right order. But it’s not as speedy as UDP as it doesn’t require all data packets to be received. Thus UDP works better for real-time multiplayer games. A multiplayer game on the web needs a two-way communication where players can communicate on the server for that a network socket is required.

Gaming Technology:

Then you obviously require game development technology, This includes the frameworks and engines used in the multiplayer game development.

Unity 3D has built-in multiplayer networking and HTML5 supports WebSocket. That’s why Unity 3D and HTML5 are considered to be the most popular and versatile technologies for creative multiplayer game development.

Techniques We Use To Monetize Multiplayer Games

We have seen real-time multiplayer games becoming a big business success in mobile gaming. We realize the potential of multiplayer games to earn huge revenues. Apart from the popularity and a large number of downloads, there are certain ways to monetize a multiplayer game.

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  • In-app-purchases are making some items or features in the game accessible only after the player has paid for the premium features. It is a great monetization tool if the player is engaged in the game and wants to explore more. Money can be made by selling content to the players in the game. It’s necessary to place the in-app-purchases in a way that attracts both spenders and non-spenders as well.

Rewarding System:

  • Though it’s not a monetization method as such still the rewarding system is very relevant among many multiplayer games. Games give rewards to the best players or tournaments winners. This attracts the players and engages them in the games and makes them spend on the game, tournaments, items in the store, and the premium features.


  • Banner ads are the most common and most widely used ads. They basically do not interrupt the gameplay, these are simple ads that appear at the bottom of the screen during the game or it can be a full-screen banner with an option to skip it.

Rewarded Video

A rewarded video is a playable ad that the user can watch in order to receive something, it can be points, lives, coins anything that the respective game has to offer. It yields the most returns. It increases the player’s engagement and retention time. It’s a win-win situation as the player is rewarded for watching the video and the game will be generating revenue of it.


Monetization by integrating adds is a great way to create a revenue stream without unbalancing the game in the multiplayer genre. Make sure the adds are placed strategically so that they are attractive enough to keep the players engaged but do not force them to pay. A balance between well-designed mechanisms and monetization techniques is a must in multiplayer game development.

We discussed almost everything about multiplayer games from its basic meaning, the reason why they are so popular, and its popular types to the mechanisms involved in the development of multiplayer games and the ways to monetize multiplayer games. Multiplayer game is the genre that is getting insanely popular with e  ach passing day whether pc or mobile gaming the multiplayer gaming market is huge as we know it. It is filled with immense revenue-generating opportunities. You know about our development process and the experience of our development team. So if you want to enter this bullish market with the idea of the next popular multiplayer game contact the best game  app development company to discuss your idea and get on with it.

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