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Medicines are essential and are required by everyone at one point or the other. However, people also have to face some hassles at times for getting them. On-demand pharmacy delivery applications ease this and provide the perfect solutions for the people. With the adoption of newer methods, the global pharmacy sector is getting along with the customers and developing better pharmacy delivery apps.

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On demand pharmacy apps have widely transformed and influenced the entire pharmacy industry. Offline retailers from all across the globe were having a difficult time coping up with getting medicines on demand, and the online on-demand stores have spared time for people to help them with on-demand services. People can easily buy from these applications and get some lucrative discounts on medicines and shop from their home comfort.

When it is about the retailers, they are witnessing a positive balance in working by having assistance from these apps as they get to reach a larger audience base to cater to their needs. Retailers are also enhancing their overall services to ensure prompt and timely delivery services as medicines are essential for people in need and delaying is never an option with them. Thus, the retailers are required to have a proper delivery system to be reliable and trustworthy, and thus enhance their overall market growth.

The on-demand delivery apps are changing the entire market scenario by offering doorstep deliveries of pharmacy products for the people. With various medicines available at one store without any hassles, they let the users order and get delivered the right one as per their choice. Moreover, it is also easier and safer to make payments on these apps, thus saving people from any sorts of scams and frauds. 


Role of on-demand pharmacy apps in aiding Covid-19 relief

During Covid-19, people started utilizing the on-demand pharmacy delivery applications and services as their biggest support system. Availability of medicines with just a few clicks and their delivery instantly at the doorsteps during the lockdown period has helped many people. Moreover, from medicines to sanitizers and other pharmacy products, everything can easily be delivered using these apps without having to move out amid the pandemic.

The trend is rapidly growing to be more popular and people started uploading their prescriptions on these apps to get the medicines delivered straight at their home.

On-demand pharmacy delivery apps: Statistics

As per the research, the digital pharmacy on-demand apps are predicted to rise upto 107.53 billion USD by 2025.

It was 42.32 billion USD in 2018 and has rapidly grown since then.

Business Models for on-demand pharmacy delivery apps

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App development for a single store

This refers to an operational model where the customers place orders with a particular retailer after submitting the prescription. These retailers then check their stock for the product’s availability and then deliver the ordered pharmacy products to the customer. User can pay while placing the order or on delivery for this.

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Aggregator delivery app model

In this model any particular pharmacy does not have to stock themselves up, instead of that they can partner with other pharmacy stores to fulfil the customer demands. After receiving order from a customer, this online pharmacy store looks into the nearest pharmacies to get all products.

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Direct to Consumer model

In this model, the app is meant to remove any middlemen from the system of pharmacy delivery. Instead, the pharmacists can directly contact with the customers to fulfil the orders.

Monetization of on-demand pharmacy delivery apps

Here are the monetization mechanics that can be applied to any on-demand pharmacy delivery app model:

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Featured Listing

There is a special section in the on-demand pharmacy applications where some sponsored results from various pharmaceutical stores and companies are listed. These pharmacy apps gain a handsome amount in return for these listings.

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Commission-based model

This model is mostly followed by many top on-demand pharmacy delivery apps. The application ensures a perfect platform for the pharmacy stores and companies where they can get users for selling their products. In return, these companies and stores have to pay a commission on every order to these on-demand pharmacy stores.

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Selling advertisements

Another amazing revenue generation mechanic for on-demand pharmacy stores is by displaying advertisements and charging for every click via the app.

Development cost for on-demand pharmacy delivery app

For competing with industry’s major and top players, it is essential to have a unique set of features in the on-demand pharmacy application. With the addition of all essential elements, the development cost is expected to reach as high as 2,00,000 USD with the best experience elements assured.


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