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We are living in the times where we can enjoy the liberty of having almost anything with just a few clicks, Be it ordering food, Getting a cab, Grocery shopping or personal healthcare services, Everything is just a few taps away, Thanks to the On-Demand Delivery apps.

Speaking of which, On-Demand Food Delivery apps have shown exponential growth in a very short span of time. Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$ 122,739m in 2020 and is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$ 164,002m by 2024. Studies have also shown that Since 2014, Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. There’s no room for doubt in that online food delivery is already flourishing and its upsurge is inevitably imminent.

Why mobile app are in on demand

Pizza is simply one of the most cherished food items in the world and there’s a reason why there are so many pizza outlets and restaurants. So starting a Pizza delivery business is a very practical choice, and knowing the amount of revenue these on-demand apps are capable of generating, it totally makes sense to get an on-demand pizza delivery app developed for your Pizza delivery Startup. on-demand apps can boost the revenue generation of your Pizza Delivery Startup. and there are many other aspects where they can prove to be of great utility to your entrepreneurial venture. Let us guide you through some of the key benefits of having an On-Demand Pizza Delivery App.

How a Pizza Delivery App can Help to Develop your Pizza Delivery Business

More Scalable Model Graph:  The on-demand app can help your business become pervasive in nature, It increases the scalability of your business.


With the app, you can even reach out to the places where your business is not present physically. The scope of your business growth increases multiple times.


Defeat Your Competition: The quality of the services and the agility with which they are served marks the difference between the performance and success of two businesses. With an On-Demand app, you can make full use of the latest technology to carry your business activities with agility and you can always stay one step ahead of your competition.


Build Your Customer Database:  Building a Customer database is collecting necessary information about your customers and keeping a record of it. It is useful for tracking your growth as well as figuring out the future needs of your customers based on the database. The app can easily record and maintain the data of customers and can also help you in evaluating your growth.


Customer Engagement: Customer engagement includes the positive interactions a customer makes with your brand or business and stays. Customer engagement is important as higher and frequent the number of engagements is better the customer retention will be. With On-Demand apps you can give exclusive deals & discounts, Coupons, and offers to your customers and when they utilize them they will be positively interacting with your services and will engage in your business for the future.


Better Customer Service: Every business aims at providing world-class service to there customers and only the ones that have the means, Succeed. An On-Demand app can be that means for your business to directly connect with the customers, To cater to there every need, To receive and work upon any kind of grievances at the earliest, To give exclusive deals and offers, To provide better customer services.


No Frustration Ordering: An online ordering and delivery system takes out the frustration of waiting for a dine-in order. Customers can make an order online and it will be delivered to them directly. It is convenient to the business as well as the customer. It adds value to the overall experience of the customers and they are more likely to become your regular customer.


24/7 Order Support: The On-Demand app can simply fill the gap between the customers looking for 24/7 order services and the business providing such services. And the app makes it possible for the business to be there for the customers 24/7.


Development of your Pizza Delivery App:

Before we begin with the explanation of the process or the mechanics involved in the development of an on-demand pizza delivery app we need to know the types of on-demand food delivery apps.

Types of Food Delivery Apps:


Aggregator Model  (2 Party Platform):   Aggregator model involves 2 parties, applications under this model connects customers to the restaurants but they don’t provide delivery service. They let the customers place the orders and pass them to the restaurants. Delivery of those orders is taken care of by the restaurant only. The aggregator model app is best suitable for big restaurants with several branches and their own delivery system. For instance, Domino’s and Pizza Hut are the most popular Pizza delivery business, they have many outlets and they have their own delivery system.

Logistic Support Model (3 Party Platform):

Logistic Support Model involves 3 parties, Along with the features of the aggregator model, Application under this model involves third-party delivery personnel. They accept the orders and pass them to the restaurants and third-party delivery personnel will pick up those orders and deliver them to the customers. It has been found working with a third party delivery service has increased restaurant sales by 10 to 20%. It involves even the small restaurants that don’t have their own delivery services. Zomato and Swiggy are the perfect examples of this model.

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Benefits of to the parties involved


  • Simplicity/Convenient: It brings a great deal of convenience for the customers as it just simplifies the ordering process excluding any kind of hassle and brings the order directly to the customer.
  • Wide Variety: The On-demand delivery apps provide customers to chose from a wide variety of goods and services that the business provides.
  • Live Order Tracking: The On-Demand app allows the users to track the order live in real-time from the app itself.
  • Offers and Discounts: Everyone loves to receive offers and discounts, users receive a great deal of benefits. These offers not only attracts the customers but it also promotes the restaurant.
  • Multiple Payment Options: On-Demand apps provide users with multiple payment options. It helps in customer engagement as Different customers have different preferences and these apps serve them all.


  • Direct Communication: The most essential aspect of business growth is the connection and the communication between the business and the customer. the on-demand app resolves this with ease as it provides a solid means for communication.
  • Brand Building: Brand is the face of a business, it is the way how people recognize and remember your business. The On-Demand app acts as the representative of your business and it adds to the face value, hence helps your business in emerging as an accomplished brand.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: The on-demand apps simply brings a little efficiency in the process and undertakings of a business. the systematic system provides Efficient Customer and order management.
  • Free and Cheap Marketing: Promotion and marketing are essential for business growth but they can also be very expensive. On-Demand apps provide a way for free or very cheap marketing opportunities. with offers, like discount coupons and cashback offers serves as great marketing tools for free.


Pizza delivery app development

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User Panel

  • Personal Profile
  • Sign Up/ Login
  • Checkout Process
  • Order Status & Tracking
  • Real-Time Booking & Scheduled Booking
  • View past Bookings and future scheduled bookings
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Provide Feedback for Order

Store Panel

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  • Accept or Decline Booking Requests
  • View User Details & Requests
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  • Order Management
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  • Check Daily & weekly Earning
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