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$42.6 billion was recorded to be the global video streaming app market size in 2019. And is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% from 2020 to 2027.
fascinating enough? It is. We are well aware that these video streaming apps have become an inseparable part of our life, Whether it’s working from home or keeping in touch with your close ones or watching your favorite movies or shows. And in the current times of this COVID-19 pandemic, With the lockdown and social distancing people, it’s been hard for people to keep up with things that’s where the video streaming apps have come to the rescue. The video streaming apps market is already huge as we know it. The horizon of the possibilities for you to dwell onto our in large numbers here. But before that let us understand the fundaments of these video streaming apps.

Types of Video Streaming Apps

Video Conferencing Apps:

Video conferencing apps are generally developed for business, working, and E-learning. These are the platforms people can use to hold meetings, discussions. It is a tool highly beneficial for remote working, People can effectively work from home and be in touch with the team members. These apps are highly useful for E-learning. They provide utilities to attend or hold webinars, online lectures, etc. Zoom, Google Meet, Bluejeans, etc are some of the best video conferencing apps. They allow users with useful options like screen sharing. You can present documents, share slides, participate in polls and Q&As.

Video Calling Apps:

Most of the instant messaging apps have a video calling feature unless they are video chat centric applications. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram are instant messaging cum social media apps but they also have video calling features. It lets you connect with your friends and family. Then there are other live video streaming platform apps like Bigo Live, Tango, etc. They are video-centric apps that provide you features to host live sessions like Instagram lets you, well here Instagram is not included in this category but is mentioned to explain the functionality. You can join live video streaming, video chat and voice chat, play games with your friends, and many more recreational activities.

Entertainment Apps:

Entertainment video streaming apps include ott platform apps that let you stream movies and shows online. Then there are other apps that use video calling and make it interesting and entertaining for the users. Houseparty is one such app. When users are online they get a notification and invites can be sent for them to join the party and play the inbuilt games in the app.

How Video streaming apps are developed?

UI/UX Design

UI/UX is the initial stage of video streaming app development. Conceptualizing the design of the app. The UI should be made keeping in mind the user. The design should be intuitive and minimalistic And convenient for the user so that users of all age group can easily understand it. We can develop a video streaming app that is highly operative as well as has an intuitive design. We make sure that the video streaming app is convenient for all users.

Backend Development

Backend development is the foundation for the video streaming app development. There are several ways to build the backend. It can either be built from scratch or with the use of various software commonly referred to as SaaS solutions, as the basis. The only difference is that building an app from scratch is surely time-consuming but it gives you more flexibility and control, While Saas solutions will save your time. Our video streaming app developers are proficient in backend development.

Video Streaming Protocol Integration

Video streaming protocol integration means setting up the server systems to allow users to exchange data over the servers. There are several such protocols to setup servers transmitting a real-time video/audio via the app. The most popular is the WebRTC app development tool. WebRTC is an open-source code that was created to deliver low cost, high-quality audio, and video communication. Most enterprise voice/video calls use the signaling server. However, there are 2 other servers – STUN & TURN in WebRTC. Unlike the signaling server, STUN is used to make calls between two different networks, while TURN servers are designed to connect past proxy firewalls in networks. However, There are other prominant tools like WOWZA live video streaming platform, JITSI, and XMPP that are very effective for their respective features. And as a video call app development company we are proficient in these servers and tools.

Quality Assurance

With the streaming servers integration and backend development, the next step is quality assurance i.e. making sure that all the servers and services are incorporated well and working alright. It a necessary step in order to avoid further bugs and shortcomings in the app. So as to assure the best quality product. We have a systematic development process and a set of test and maintenance system every app has to go through. So that we come up with the best video streaming app.


  • Adaptive Video Streaming

    Providing the feature to switch video quality between 144p to 1080p HD as per the network availability. To maintain a smooth video streaming the player adapts the video quality that is most suitable according to the network. This is a must-have feature so that even when the network is down user can stream seamlessly.

    Host Meetings

    Providing a feature for the user to host a meeting under a certain code and invite the team members to join in with the same code. It’s a handy feature for self-hosted video conferencing and a well-maintained meeting as only the members invited with the given code can join the meeting conducted by the host.

    Multiple Screens

    Multiple screens to incorporate the members of a team to conduct a well-organized meeting. Canvas screens to explain things like charts and figures visible to everyone. It is a very useful feature and brings a great deal of convenience for the users. Our developers have the capability to develop seamless multi-video conference software.


    On a video conference call, a chatbox on the screen to drop comments and to discuss something while staying on the call. Without having the need to leave the call window you can exchange messages with the team members.

Video Sharing

If the user feels the need to share something he witnessed that feature should be available. To let the user share the link with friends and family, Or to share the screen with someone in a conference call to share something them.


Adding Subscriptions to your video streaming app is very important for many reasons. To keep the users engaged and updated and also to generate revenue with weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription packages. Now the video streaming services can be fully or partially paid like the freemium apps. They allow users to access the basic features but to access the premium features they will have to pay for it.

Personal Profile

Providing the user with a personalized profile allowing them to add details and edit the profile the way they want to. Users can manage their subscription, comments & notifications, watch history, offline videos, etc.

Push Notifications

Push notification to keep the user updated with the content, mentions, meetings, etc. Well, in a video streaming app development it is another great tool to keep the users engaged.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics for the admin to remain informed and updated about everything. To keep track of the subscriptions, manage the content, manage the users with detailed real-time reports.

Top Web Services We Work With To Build a Video Streaming App.

As we discussed above WebRTC is the essence of these video streaming apps, and there are various publicly available open-source as well as licensed web services for setting-up live video chats that utilize WebRTC. The following are such powerful real-time communication service providers that provide SDKs and APIs, which are very helpful for the developers to build highly robust voice and video call chat applications.

Above we discussed the video streaming apps, Their types, The video streaming app development process, The top services and tools involved in the development, And the must-have features these video streaming apps should have. With all Video streaming protocol integration systems and tools like WebRTC, WOWZA live video streaming platform, JITSI, And XMPP we use to develop video streaming apps. We can provide you with the best video streaming app. With the market as huge as the video streaming market is, Wether it’s remote working, talking to friends and family, Or just streaming your favorite movies or TV shows, It’s clear that there are immense business opportunities in the global video streaming market. So looking at the current scenario it’s a great time to enter this market and reap the revenue generation opportunities. If you have any doubts regarding the development talk to our business experts or if you have an idea for a video streaming app then contact us and hire the best video streaming app development company now.

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