What's New in the Mobile Real Estate Industry 2021?

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There are some significant shifts in the real estate mobile industry, too, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, just like the other sectors available globally. The shifts require all the involved entities with the industry to stay prepared for what is coming for them.

Latest facts in the mobile real estate industry 2021 -

Based on the operations, the real estate sector has a comparatively lower-tech infrastructure. Now it is high time that we changed the entire scenario. Presently, only 40% of Realtors are active on social media and other online website property sales. As predicted by the studies, by the end of 2021, technological usage in real estate will gain immense popularity and become something more than just a trend. Technology is expected to be the driving force behind higher customer acquisition and enhancing customer engagement, making data mining easier and advance for potential clients, and increase the efficiency of operations.

Top 6 real estate trends for 2021 -

Recent studies indicate that mobile apps and websites of real estate businesses make more profits and gain immense popularity among property searches and other real estate agents. As Technology stayed as a perfect partner for real estate in 2020, it is also expected to mark its presence in the coming year too.

Smartphone applications for the real estate industry:

Smartphones have gained immense popularity in various sectors, and it has been a saviour for multiple purposes. Smartphones’ grateful impact is also seen in real estate industries as mobile applications have entirely transformed the real estate agencies and their functioning.

With the use of smartphone applications, the customers have access to all the information regarding any property at any time, and the agents can also automate a lot of their task. Smartphone applications have also been helpful in increasing the collaboration between all stakeholders. The websites and applications that show the real estate listing Have been helpful in simplifying the operation and saving the time and effort that goes behind the entire process of the real estate sector, from viewing the properties to purchasing them.

AR and VR in the real estate sector:

Using VR and AR, the property agents, realtors, and Potential buyers of all the properties can give and get a personalized property visiting experience from anywhere across the world. AR and VR features are also helpful for the customers to allow them check out any property without actually visiting them and compare various options effortlessly by staying at their comfort place.

With prominent AR and VR features, the users can also get Virtual tour of the property with a 360 degree view of the interior as well as exterior of the property. And now it is evident that AR and VR are helpful in ensuring a promising future of real estate industry. The best feature of the Technologies is that people can also virtually stage the property listing and show unfinished spaces, change the look of the place according to the viewer’s taste and then carry on with the development’s completion. 

AR and VR features are helpful in saving the valuable time and money of people for the property searches. Buyers might also increasingly use the VR technology for viewing the homes.

Task automation in real estate sector:

Are the real estate Agencies have a lot of work to do doing all of it manually takes much time and resources. Automation makes the paperwork and other task easier for finishing and helps the business or agency focus more on skill and time for selling the real estate.

With the help of automation of essential task, like monthly invoice processing, online chatting, sending mails and other administrative and communication based task gets easier and faster

Here is a list of some task that can be automated in real estate sector:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Company Blog Posts
  • Website Chat
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Support Issues
  • Backing Up Company Data

Big data in real estate sector:

Business Intelligence and Big data are two simultaneous processes when considering the real estate sector. Big data and BI are expected to open several doors for the realtors. The capabilities and excellence of all the real estate mobile applications is unimaginable without BI and big data. BI and Big data are also capable of empowering the real estate property owners, customers, and various real estate agents in the interactions. 

As a person involves the process of Data Collection it gets easier for them to answer the questions about what is happening, and this is a lot easier with these technological advancements. Some prominent real estate firms have also understood that in the digital world giving insights from the data and reducing the ground work helps in achieving ROI. Future of real estate agents looks brighter with these Technologies as better opportunities are emerging for them.

IoT and Smart Homes:

In the modern era, smart homes using iot is one of the most fascinating and proposed facility. The real estate scene has transformed a loT with the technology, and if the properties have IoT facility then you definitely help in scoring a higher market value. It is also an essential technology trends that might implement in the coming decade. Smarter home applications like AC, automated lighting, entertainment systems, and others are also ensuring a bigger draw for the customers.

IoT has an amazing potential for redefining the real estate industry in a wider manner. The property owners and realtor agent can also manage their properties in a better manner using the centralised control with the help of IoT.  The buyers’ demand for smarter control might also grow rapidly in the coming years. Furthermore, it is also evident that IoT is the best facility for the future of Property Management. The best part of this technology with real estate is that the agents can integrated into the marketing plans and benefit from the powerful tool in selling property. 

Chatbots and AI:

In the real estate sector, lead generation is the most critical factor and many people are still unaware of the enquiries that would be more beneficial for them. Anyone involved in the cold sales calls knows the frustration behind the wasted time, rejections, and loss of potential customers.  Thus everyone is in search of better and continuous client interaction system with the same consistency and minimal discouragement at the failures. Find the best solutions for them are the AI chatbots.

Sales are an urgent game and for having a competitive edge in the sector, one must respond to all the property enquiries with some urgency. With the help of AI Chatbots, one can ensure an ‘always on’ channel for responding to the questions of the clients in a real time.

Here are some more benefits of AI chatbots:

  • Increase In Qualified Leads
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Quick Search MLS Listings
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Conversational History & Logs
  • Available 24×7
  • Extremely User Specific
  • Automate Follow-Up Process

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