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Zillow is a real estate application that serves the users with its highly impressive features and functionalities. There are several app products in which the Zillow splits, that includes:

zillow like app development company
  •        Real Estate and Rental– This app is specially designed for tenants, from where the user can find out a dream-like apartment (Zillow-like app development) . Some parameters can help the user choose their apartment, including GEO-location services and various filters such as price range, size, amenities, even the schools that are located nearby.
  •        Zillow Rental Manager– This application can also help the landlords. Here landlords can easily make a list of their property- as much as they can. One more opportunity given by the app is that landlords can verify their applicant honestly and perform a check of his credit score and criminal records.
  •        Zestimate– this is a type of online service that can offer an approximation of any of the house, which is based on the publicly available info, such as comparing prices of houses based nearby in the neighborhood.

Types of Real-Estate Apps:

You have to understand the type of app before you are hiring any real estate app development companies.

There are about two types of apps that depend on how they function when talking about real estate’s mobile app development. The first is the agency based app, and the other one is a third party app. Now, let’s see how this app functions.

The Agency App

Just like its name, the agency app belongs to a specific real estate agency. The agency app lists all the houses under their listing. With the help of agency apps, they can keep track of their business improvements, see how many clients are connected with their agency, and know about their demands. So, this is an improved tool for improvement and business management.

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The Third-Party Model

The third-party, or we can say, is an aggregator model who works as a mediator between the agents and the buyers. As compared to the agency app, the working model of the third party is slightly different.

  1. Any buyers/sellers or freelancer agents can easily sign up. The freelancing agents can expand their networks through the app by uploading their listings.
  2. On the other hand, users can contact agents nearby, they can browse it through their listings, and they can also look for the houses they are interested in.

3. The sellers can sign up through the app and contact the agents to tell them about the property they want to sell. The third-party becomes a good platform for the agents and the buyers/sellers to communicate instantly and easily.



Everything related to the success or even the functioning of an app depends on the integration of databases in the process of real estate mobile app development. There are greater chances of keeping user interest in your application when you keep updating your app.


The starting steps that the user can take after installing the mobile app are the deciding ones. The easier you make the app’s things, the greater will be the chances of users not abandoning your application after the first try.

Search and Filter

Two more important features added in the real estates app design like the Zillow app or Trulia are property identification and filtration. You have to add as many shortlisting features as possible on your platform. And this can ultimately bring your users a much bigger comfort zone in the term of trust for your platform.

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Apartment Details

The only way to consider your platform truly effective is to give in-depth insights into every property listed in the app. Everything can be mentioned on the page from per sq.ft. Area to locality and the contact details of the person. Having details of the property mentioned in the app increases its value in the market.

Push Notifications

By adding the push notification feature in the app, you can keep your users updated in terms of the received message and even receive the update on the calendar appointment.

Currency Converter

Now at this time, all the things are operating on a scenario of one world. The movement of people to the cross border can bring the need for cross border real estate purchase. When people are getting the open idea of having a property-owned or rental wherever they reside, it becomes important to have currency conversion functionality in the application.

Forum and Messenger

With the help of the forum functionality in the app, you will give your users access to discuss the property, the condition of the property, its ability of profit-making, etc. sometimes, this would increase app engagement. On the other hand, you will give your stakeholder a platform with the inclusion of messenger functionality. They can converse with each other and expedite the real estate transaction.

Virtual Tours

Providing the facility of virtual tours can also widely help the real estate apps as with this, the users can have a virtual tour of the site without needing to visit the place. This will also reduce the traveling efforts for them, and for the app, it will turn out immensely beneficial. 


For any of the property search mobile applications, proper map integration is a very important part. This is the only way of ensuring that property seekers can reach the right location at the right time. You should also integrate a smart map feature in the application. This would help to identify the places that come in their comfort zones.

Monetization of Zillow like app development:


This is one of the best monetization strategies that has been around for a long time. From this, you can also generate your revenue easily. Also, make sure that the ads you are displayed in your app are relevant to the real estate, such as the mortgages, home, bank loans, renovation, etc. whenever the user taps on the ads, you will get a small amount of money. If you decide to create your real estate app, this is the best way of earning more money.

Various Fees

In your application, you can apply various types of fees, such as the listing fees when any user wants their property listed, extra fees from agents on the platform for their profile to boost it so they can get more clients, etc.

Premium Subscription

With the help of the premium subscription, the users can use the app to its full version. For some time, you can also offer a free trial of all features. And after that period, the user can either keep using the limited version of the app or upgrade the premium version by paying an amount.

Real Estate App Solution by Game App Studio

Game App Studio has expertise and experience for app development for every field and genre. We also provide Zillow like app development services for global users and help them get the right property-related services online. When everyone and every industry is digitalizing, the real-estate sector is also opting for digitalization and highly useful apps to ease the global audience’s tasks. We provide the best app development service and embed all the features to satisfy the users and our clients’ needs.

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